Monday, September 13, 2010

Tripp Who?


I have always thought that Bristol and Levi’s son was named Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. That was the name that was announced by People and other media outlets. Even the Palin-loving Faux News gives that as the baby’s name.

Excerpt from People article:

The baby's name is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston and he was born at 5:30 a.m., according to Jones.
Baby Tripp takes his surname from his dad, Levi Johnston, an apprentice electrician and former Wasilla High School hockey player who has been dating Bristol for three years.

The surname would make sense as Bristol and Levi were supposedly engaged at the time the child was born and Levi openly acknowledged paternity.

But is that really his name? Not according to court records. Here are just a few where the child is referred to as Tripp Johnston-Palin.

So which name is correct?

I am no lawyer but I have to believe that Tripp Johnston-Palin is correct since the legal name is what would probably be required on court documents.

I can’t find any references to Tripp’s name being changed after Bristol and Levi’s first engagement ended.So why were we led to believe that Tripp’s surname was Johnston?

Was it to make us believe that Bristol and Levi’s relationship was more serious than it really was? Were they really engaged in 2008 or was that as fake as Sarah’s pregnancy? I vote for the latter.

Another interesting fact revealed in this court document is that Tripp receives health coverage from the IHS and Alaska Native Medical Center. Socialized medicine for a Palin? Is Granny freaking over that? Are Todd and all the Palin offspring getting the same coverage? Is it free?

The more I delve into the actions of the Palins the more I realize what hypocritical sleaze balls they really are.


Thanks to all who have emailed me with tips and suggestions. Keep them coming. We are uncovering the lies and half-truths slowly but surely.



Anonymous said...

Wake-up. If Todd really is an Alaska Native, he and his children are all eligible to health care from the Alaska Native Health Service. I would imagine, but don't that would include the Tripp. Hopefully, someone with administrative knowledge of the Alaska Native Health care system will provide quidance on this. If these free medical care is true...where Tripp and/or any of the many little Trigs born at the Alaska Native Mdeical Center in Anchorage rather then in Wassilla or Palmer or other Anchorage hospitals? Why would a Palin pay for something that was free????

Consider a pregnant teenager of Alaska Native heritage living with relatives in you deliver at the ANHS or find someway to go to Wasilla to deliver your out-of-wedlock child?

Same question for a child born to Todd's sister, Diane. ANHS or MatSu Valley medical center? Think about it.

Blade said...

Anon - I have thought about it. The native medical center has an online nursery that I would love to search but you need an ID number for the baby you want to look at. I have found ways to search other online nurseries without the ID but I had a direct link to start with.


Anonymous said...

Some possibilities this brings to mind:

If Bristol was pregnant and living with Aunt Heather in early 2008, she could have had the baby at the native medical center. People looking for birth records would have checked Mat-Su or Anchorage Regional, but wouldn't think about ANHS. Bristol could have registered with a different name, and it would have been much easier to keep the whole thing "under wraps."

I wonder if the native medical center handles adoptions? Could this be where the present-day Trig and the Loudon baby came from? I always thought Trig, even as a baby in the pic with the Heaths, looked native. I wonder if any staff at this facility have connections to the Palins or to the Palin's doctors?

Blade, this angle should definitely be explored. Keep up the good work! Sooner or later the truth will come out!

Anonymous said...

Names do not have to be correct in court documents. You'd think so, but no.

And since People's quote was right after the birth, and yeah, when everyone still expected Levi and Bristol to get married, Johnston made sense. After the breakup perhaps they agreed to hyphenate the last name.

Gles said...

Wouldn't Native Alaskan's prefer that any adoption of babies/children be to people with Native Alaska heritage? I'm probably not saying this right but would someone intentionally adopt a child with this heritage to get free healthcare and benefits?

Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure, but I would guess a native alaskan child would get the healthcare and benefits, but not the rest of the family unless they too were native alaskans. And of course, Todd Palin is of native heritage, so there probably wouldn't be a problem with the Palins adopting a native baby.

Anonymous said...

As I recall from discussions over a year ago: Todd is part Yupik. Yupik blood, but no certain %, is required to get the free health care. Todd can get it, Todd's kids can get it, Todd's kids' kids can get it. Sarah and the Heaths cannot.

So Tripp qualifies. And Trig qualifies if he is Todd's.

The question we had was, would Trig qualify if her were adopted by Todd? Would that have been a motivation for faking pregnancy?

I don't recall the answer to the adoption question, but some Alaskans believed that the free health care was not of a quality that would justify a fake pregnancy. Also, at the time, the Palins had good health insurance through her job and maybe his.


Anonymous said...

I shoud have added that Trig also qualified if he were Bristol's, so if Bristol gave birth to him, the fake pregnancy was not necessary to get the free NA coverage. Sarah and Todd still could have adopted him publicly.

If Trig were someone else's--like Molly Heath's or Diana Palin's (who had different mother than Todd)--and the Palins wanted Trig to get the free health care, the fake pregnancy could do it.

Anonymous said...

I think we're getting off-track over the insurance issue. Sarah didn't adopt a baby so it could get free medical care. She has Trigg because 1. He is Bristol's child, or 2. She thought a special needs child would help her politically. If the latter were true, the Native Hospital may have been a good source. I believe Alaska has many native girls who give birth to FAS babies each year, above the norm anyway. I don't know if there is a higher occurance of DS among alaskan natives or not. But there may have been some special needs children at the hospital waiting for homes who fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

In order to receive health care at ANMC you have to have a certificate of native blood. You have to have proved the percentage to the BIA. The minimum is a sixteenth. I believe that Todd is fifty percent. This makes his offspring one quarter. I would be interesting to see the records of the births about that time.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about Todd's heritage for sure? Is one of his parents Yupik or is it one of his grandparents? or what?

Anonymous said...

I thought Todd has a Yupik grandmother.

Anonymous said...

One of the big questions surrounding "babygate" has been where did Trig come from? Maybe he was born at the native medical center. Either Bristol gave birth to him or Sarah "aquired him" through the hospital. Just because Sarah is white doesn't mean she wouldn't be allowed to adopt him. People adopt children of different nationalities where I live quite often.

It is possible that Bristol gave birth to Trig at this hospital. Because of Todd's Yupik heritage, she most likely could have been serviced there.

Someone above stated that Trig looks Alaskan Native. I have always thought that. I think it's very possible that Trig was born at the Native hospital.

Anonymous said...

names mean nothing in the court system. You can name your baby Joe Schmoe and call him Clueless in the court records. It's makes no matter. There are no laws or requirements regarding names of offspring.

Anonymous said...

Todd is not 50% native....ROFL. His grandmother was 50% Yupik - that makes Todd 1/8th native. As his grandson, Tripp would only be 1/32 indian.

cooky said...

When interviewed on the Larry King Show it was clearly asked "What is Tripp's last name?" The answer came back "Johnston". King asked "Is that what it says on the birth certificate? Answer back: "yes". Check it out.

Anonymous said...

I dont think hyphenated Johnston-paylin is
What I do find unusual is why they would LIE about what his name is/was.
Or why it would be paylin after Johnston.
Johnston is..the father...right?
That should make it Palin-Johnston, the paternal name the last one.

Vaughn said...

Some information for Anon.@1:40pm.

Todd is a lifelong fisherman. Bristol Bay fishing rights must be bought or inherited in Alaska. In Palin’s case, he says he bought his fishing spot from his grandfather in the 1970s. He also inherited shares in two native Alaska corporations. These shares can only be passed from one blood relative to another. Private citizens cannot purchase them.

Todd Palin’s ancestry grants another plus — it makes him and his children eligible to apply for free government health care.

To qualify for the state-based, federally funded program, Alaska Area Native Health Service, residents must provide proof of ancestry. Cecile Wesley, the director of eligibility at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage, told me in an interview that one way of establishing ancestry requirements is to present a shareholder card for one of four Alaska native corporations that list “blood quantum” — the carrier’s percentage of “Indian blood.”

“[Alaska Native Medical Center] does not have a blood quantum requirement,” said Wesley, when I asked what percentage of native blood a resident must have in order to receive the healthcare.

Ginger said...

I just checked the site that shows recipients for an Alaska PFD.

The Palin's site does not have a Trig Palin. Nor does it have a Tripp Palin or Tripp Johnston. All the rest of the Palins are there.

On the Johnston's site, there also isn't a Tripp Johnston. Levi, Sherry and Mercede are listed. Also, it was dated Sept. 15, 2010.

I do know that if there is any fraud involved, the individual can lose the PFD for life and there could also be penalities.

Anyone know why Trig and Tripp aren't receiving these checks?

Just wonderin'...

Anonymous said...

@September 15, 2010 2:06 AM:

Thats very interesting.
They can 'get' the free med care, but not on list for the state refunds.

Anonymous said...

Are they NOT listed as PFD recipients because they are not legally part of the Palin family? I would assume that when a child is born, the parents have to provide a copy of the birth certificate before the baby can receive his share of the PFD money. It doesn't surprise me at all that Trig is not listed - either no birth certificate for him, or the birth certificate names his real mother, most likely Bristol. But it's surprising that Tripp is not listed as a recipient. I wonder why...???

conscious at last said...

Hey Ginger-

WOW- That information about the PFD may be really important. We already know that Sarah didn't birth Trig, so we can understand why his birth certificate was not presented. But now we have some circumstantial information that supports some of the questions that you and others have raised about Tripp's origins. We were told that he was born to Bristol on 12/28/08 and that Levi is his father. Is any of that true??

Ginger said...

To: Anon 2:08 PM

If Sarah sent claims to her insurance co. for payment of Trig's birth/care per the MSNBC e-mail, all the paperwork had to be in her name. Remember, the e-mail, dated May 21, 2008, was addressed to "Gov. Sarah Palin" requesting a birth certificate.

It strikes me as odd that all the paperwork would be in Sarah's name but the b/c would be in Bristols. Especially since she faked the pg to protect Bristol and promised her no one would ever know, outside of Alaska, she had ever been pg.

I'm not surprised about Tripp's name not being there because I've never thought Bristol was pg a second time. JMO.

Sarah's PR team has done an amazing job of convincing most people that Sarah had Trig and Bristol gave birth to Tripp. Most of the bloggers know Sarah faked a pg but for some reason, they think Bristol was pg a second time and had Tripp. Will we ever find out?

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said... what is your theory? If Bristol only gave birth once, do you think Trig is that baby?

Ginger said...

To: conscious at last

Yes, we know Sarah faked a pg. Everyone in the entertainment business knows it. But, they weren't in the room when Trig was born. And like I said above, I think she has a b/c. Plus no one will talk.

The whole story about Tripp is baffling. The way he was introduced for one. There are so many inconsistancies in the stories the Palins and the Johnstons have told, I don't know how they have kept it together for so long.

There was one incident I thought was really funny. Mercede, on her blog, had asked someone named Heather to make a post saying she was in the room next to Bristol when she gave birth to Tripp. Heather ended the comment like this...(Sadie idk how much you want me to say so I'll leave it at that.)

When I looked up the PFD for the Johnstons, I noticed a Heather listed under their name. Of course, I have no idea if there is any connection. Lots of Johnstons listed.

As more people get involved...Bristol on DWTS...Mercede with her blog...Levi doing some gig...maybe someone will slip and the truth will come out.

Let's keep reading and watching...

Anonymous said...

The reason they have "kept it together" so long is because Sarah kept the whole thing "in the family", involving as few outsiders as possible. But I have no doubt that the Johnstons know many, if not all of the facts concerning the baby/babies births.

Ginger said...

To: Anon 5:02 PM

Yes, I think Bristol was only pregnant once and that was with Trig.

Trust me, Sarah and Dr. CBJ took precautions that that wouldn't happen again. The RNC, not Levi, got Bristol pg a second time.

That's my theory...