Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Pictures To Discuss


I decided to search back further in the Mat-Su Regional Online Nursery pictures. Below is another that I found which reminds me of Trig. This picture is also one that doesn’t appear in the calendar style listings so it took me quite awhile to find this by changing ID numbers. By using the calendar which gives birth dates I was able to date this picture as likely being from late December of 2007 or early January 2008 which fits with the theory that Trig was born around that time.

66298 sarah-palin-note-front-and-back

Does anyone know where and when the picture of Trig on the new release note was taken?

More Evidence That Trig Is Older Than Stated

Here is a picture taken during the 2008 Presidential campaign. Trig couldn’t have been more than six and a half months old if the photo was taken prior to the election but he is waving. Most children don’t wave until around eight months or more. Pretty impressive for a Down Syndrome child to be reaching milestones earlier than non-special needs counterparts.


Another Picture of Sarah From Fur and Ice March 2008?

I believe this picture is another from Fur and Ice Expo on March 6, 2008. Once again no sign of pregnancy.



Please feel free to discuss these pictures and email me if you have any additional information.

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Anonymous said...

The photo of Palin at the ice expo was taken in 2007, not 2008.

Anonymous said...

If that was TriG in early 2008, then *maybe* he was the "newborn" held by the Heaths at MatSu (though I still think that was a reborn doll). But he couldn't be the same infant held by Levi & Sadie in the Palin kitchen. Besides, TriG was born in Anchorage, not MatSu!

Keep digging. Thanks for your efforts. -B

Anonymous said...

I think it is a stretch to say the infant in the photo was waving. Infants have random hand movements that are not necessarily intentional waving.

Anonymous said...

Blade look at the pics here. There are links to the original sites which clearly show the dates. Several pics of her right before Trig's stated birthdate showing Palin as very thin. Nothing like the one and only gusty pic.

Anonymous said...

This baby looks so perfect and seems to mimic an older version of the same baby in the airline photo with Willow or Bristol, that to me looks more like Tripp (but I am no expert on dates and theories). Are Down's children born with the facial characteristics which often distinguish Down's or do they look like healthy, normal newborns for awhile? Thanks for pursuing this.

LisanTX said...

Here are some more pictures in Flikr in case you haven't seen them.

This person was active in Palin's Deceptions, when it was online.

LisanTX said...

The baby that Sarah took to the office 3 days after the official "birth" date strikes me as a Reborn doll in the picsofproof collection posted by anon. at 2:18 on Sept. 24.

That would explain why Sarah punched it so rudely with her index finger during the interview with the press. I have always been thunderstruck with how sharply she punched her "own" baby with her finger in that interview.

Anonymous said...

I only check in every now and then on this issue and Blade, I love your site and I love your approach and reasoning. I looked at the pics of proof site and saw tons of pics I've never seen before but most are not dated! This seems like a lot more evidence. Is this new? Are these pics that have just been uncovered or what? Seems like they add a lot more evidence to the case.

Susan in MD

Anonymous said...

Re: #3 of Pics of Proof

Is that really from June 22? Anyone know?

Looks like the newborn shots in mid-April. Suggests Palin was still using her reborn doll in June, whenever she didn't have to pass a baby around. In those cases, like the shower, she used Ruffles. -B

GinaM said...

Check out these pictures of Trig and Tripp posted today. They are the SAME SIZE. Here's the link: