Sunday, September 5, 2010



One day last week, I was a victim of a practical joke. My son and his family are visiting from out of state. My two year old granddaughter kept tugging on the cord to my mouse until it finally bit the dust. I replaced the mouse with a wireless model which was packaged with a wireless keyboard. I could have just used the touchpad on my laptop but I prefer a traditional mouse. I didn’t need the wireless keyboard so I put it aside. BIG MISTAKE!

My son is a Republican. My husband and I raised him better. Really. We did. But that’s how he turned out. We can’t even blame it on his wife because he was voting that way before he met her.

He often tells me how loony I am for believing that crazy Sarah Palin conspiracy theory. We have had many heated debates on the subject over the past two years. I didn’t even tell him when I started this blog but my husband let it slip.

So the other morning, while I am doing some research for a post,my computer starts acting crazy. The calculator program opens by itself and numbers start appearing. Then my computer reboots on its own. I am worried that my computer is being hacked.

My son is some what of a computer whiz, so he uses one of our other computers to log in to our router. He tells me our network is being accessed locally and disconnects our router and modem. I turn my computer off, wait a few minutes and then turn it on again. Windows won’t start. I am convinced my hard drive has been scrubbed.

My son finally gets the computer back on and hooks the router and modem back up. It works normally for a few minutes then the problems start again. My pictures are accessed and a picture of my granddaughter pops up. Then the notepad program opens and a message appears: “Palin says BOOOO! Leave Trig alone.”

I am going crazy. I start wondering aloud if the hacker can see me through the built in webcam. Soon a message appears. I C U. I write a message on a piece of paper and hold it up in front of the webcam. It says “Who are you?” The hacker responds with, “I am the king.” Convinced I am being viewed, I wonder if the hacker can hear me too.So I say, “What do you want?” “I want to help you nail Palin,” comes the reply. “There are four babies involved. One is a Safe Haven baby.”

I finally begin to get suspicious of my son who kept leaving the room. He has a Blackberry and I wonder if he is in the other room doing the hacking. I send his wife to look and he is in there using my wireless keyboard to mess with me. I feel like an idiot and am pretty pissed that several hours of my time were wasted.

This morning I was thinking about how easily my son fooled me into believing my computer was under attack. It made me wonder have all of us who believe that Sarah wasn’t pregnant with Trig been deceived in an even more devious manner?

Here’s my theory as to how Sarah might have fooled us in a manner different than what we suspect.

Sarah really was pregnant with Trig but she never had testing that showed he had Down Syndrome. He was born very prematurely due to her hectic schedule before Sarah was even far enough along to show .

Trig’s existence had to be kept secret for a couple of reasons. First, so that Sarah wouldn’t look bad for not taking better care of herself while pregnant. Second, so she wouldn’t look bad for not staying with Trig while he struggled for life in an NICU in Anchorage. Bristol was sent to stay with Heather so a family member would be close to the baby since Sarah didn’t have time. Being Governor and hopefully getting the VP nomination was more important than bonding with the fragile infant who might not even live.

When it became clear that Trig would survive, a way to explain his existence had to be formulated so the fake pregnancy plan was invented. But Sarah hated wearing the empathy belly so she tried to fudge it at times by using pillows and pads which caused her size to vary. People in Wasilla began gossiping that it was Bristol who was really pregnant and Sarah was trying, not very well, to cover for her.

The Wild Ride was planned from the get-go so that Sarah could be done with the pregnancy and appear heroic at the same time.

That explains why Sarah won’t show the birth certificate. The birth date will be wrong.

Now consider this: Sarah will run for President and the fake pregnancy will be brought up to try to discredit her. She will agree to a DNA test that will prove she is indeed Trig’s mother making all of us who doubted her look like fools. She gets lots of sympathy votes for all the flack she received and wins the election.

Whether the above scenario is true or not, something about Trig Palin’s birth is suspicious.

Anyone who knows anything that could expose the truth needs to come forward now. Gryphen, Patrick, anyone with hard evidence of the truth, it’s time to share it now! While there’s still time to make sure everyone knows the depths that Sarah Palin will sink to for political and financial gain.

Or we all might find out too late that we’ve been Punk’d.



AnnieGoolihy said...

I see one glaring error in your logic, Blade. In no way does Sarah's Wild Ride make her look heroic. It makes her appear even more careless of the life of her child than if she had left him in NICU, where a premature baby with TRI-G belonged.

Agnes said...

I think about that possibility now and then myself, but the trouble is that there are two babies to be accounted for, Trig and Ruffles.

My own alternate What If We're Punked Theory is what if there are NO babies?

Bristol wasn't pregnant. She really had mono, and when she was well again she just didn't want to go back to school. Family fights, go stay with Aunt Heather, try school in Anchorage, she still doesn't want to go. Started trying to get pregnant so there would be a new excuse.

Sarah kept hearing the rumours that Bristol was pregnant, but Bristol kept saying she wasn't. Sarah's expecting John McCain to call any day. She has no time to fool around. She decides to fake a pregnancy. Hmm, won't people expect to see a baby after nine months or so? Well, sooner or later Bristol will turn up with one. Show them some pictures. Aren't there tons of baby pictures in this house? Fake a press conference with a fancy doll, hide it in a sling. Who's paying attention, really? Oh, look, I ordered the part-Upik doll and he turned out kind of Down Syndromy. Bonus. John McCain is thrilled. The wingers will go nuts because Sarah walks the walk. He doesn't mind renting kids from Central Casting all summer long. It's hard to find that many with DS, but sometimes you can fudge if you mash the kid's head into your shoulder for the 30 seconds the camera's on. When you do get one with DS, hold him facing out. If some are bond, dye their hair brown. No redheads allowed. That's why we pay our campaign workers the big bucks.

The theory falls down when it comes to explaining the ongoing presence of Trig. Is it possible they signed him up for a 3-5 year contract?

London Bridges said...

This was one of my earliest 2008 theories. The key point is that Sarah could not announce the birth of Trig and then travel to Texas for that all important Republican governors oil conference. Thus Trig had to be "born" after the conference. The wild ride was just a bonus.

The date of birth on Trig's birth certificate would be more telling than parents' names as those would be changed due to adoption.

Whoever, the parents are and DNA testing should include matches for both Sarah & Todd.

The real issue here as to whether Sarah has a value system that merits consideration for higher office.

Anonymous said...

While I will never *ever* rule anything out when it comes to Palinland, this sounds too convoluted. I still say stick to Ockam's Razor.

Palin/Heath clans are hillbillies. They are simpletons and don't think that far ahead.

Anonymous said...

I am still convinced that Sarah is going to cop to being the 'adoptive' mother of Trig in one of her six figure speeches.

She's going to spin it as a selfless act that was necessary to spare the child from feeling unwanted, that if she had indeed been the birth mother, she would have wanted him with all her heart.

Her supporters are going to eat it up, ignoring the fact that it was a calculated ruse set up only to make her appealing to the Conservative base and secure her name for consideration on the running mate list.

We need to get behind Andrew Sullivan's analysis and keep it front and center, because we need to argue why it matters that she lied.

This extraordidary act is indicative of a woman who is so single mindedly determined to rule over American's and hold hostage to quality healthcare to anyone with a uterus in the world.

Blade said...

Annie - As strange as it may sound, there are many people who think she was heroic to return to Alaska to give birth. Seems she can convince her fans of anything. That's why it's so important to expose her now before she gains even more momentum.

Gles said...

I reread the CBJ letter....if you reread you will notice that when it came to the birth she did not state a first name of mother...just "Palin". Well that could be any one of them. Of course, the birth certificate would have the correct "Palin" female!

Anonymous said...

I've never read this blog before but I just have to say, your son sounds like a real hoot! Are you sure he's a Republican?

Blade said...

Anon@2:34pm - Unfortunately, yes. We keep trying to convert him but no luck as of yet.


conscious at last said...


Sounds like you had some fun with your son, or he had some fun with you! Sounds as if there's a lot of love there, even if you vote differently, (it doesn't matter). Clearly your son is intelligent and crafty. He had a plan and he knew how to execute it, step by step, in a logical fashion. Unfortunately, it was at your expense! This is VERY DIFFERENT from
"Palin" style planning.

Remember, SP announced her pregnancy the day after McCain was nominated in March '08. This pregnancy was all about the VP slot. There is no way she could have hidden a real pregnancy before that. She was in the public eye all the time. Look at the older photos of SP when she really was pregnant. There would be NO WAY to hide that. For most of her 6 week pregnancy, she didn't look pregnant, except for the Gusty photo and the Texas Conference..and when she was wearing the square pillow! Now that's Palin style planning for ya! This is what we've been saying for almost two years now. Let's not lose heart here. More and more folks are realizing the truth about babygate each day. Moreover, you know as well as I do that SP would NEVER allow a DNA test. For goodness sakes, she didn't release standard medical records for the last election!

We'll just keep plugging away at it. THE REAL POINT is -- we don't need the MSM to tell us the "truth." We already know that SP did not give birth to Trig. I believe my own eyes and my own ability to think and perceive clearly. In fact, Patrick at Palingates has stated that Palin did not birth Trig (in writing) many times. No Palin lawyers have come after him.

tm68 said...

It seems to me that her schedule could be scrutinzed for a mysterious "absence" if she did indeed give birth to Trig prematurely. I don't think she did. I do not believe she was pregnant with that child. There is no way she'd have the foresight or even SEE the need to hide it. Premature births happen to the best of us and if it was due to his Downs, then that is the perfect excuse to deflect from her lack of care during the "pregnancy". She didn't birth that child.

ginny said...

I've always said that the most likely alternative to "Bristol gave birth to a premie Trig in Jan/Feb/March" would be "SP gave birth to a premie Trig in Jan/Feb and didn't know if he'd live or not" OR...."SP tried to have a late-term abortion when she found out Trig had DS but it failed" meaning he was still alive, and by law, a fetus that is still alive outside the womb must be given life-saving medical care. In either scenario, SP wasn't sure he'd live, and only once it became apparent that he would live, did she start with fake pregnancy set-up (scarves, etc.).

Anonymous said...

I think you're giving her credit for more intelligence than she actually has.