Thursday, September 30, 2010

Palins-CBJ Signature Comparison


I made another signature composite. This one includes the CBJ signature from the letter along with signatures of Sarah and Todd from public records available from the Alaska DNR Office of the Recorder.

There are three sets of signatures of Sarah and Todd. The middle right center is from a document only signed by Todd.




Icbj-palins -comp

To me, it looks like there may be similarities between the “a”  in the  first “Sarah” and the “a” in Baldwin but I’m not sure. Then look at the “h” in Johnson and the “h” in the “Sarah” below Todd’s signature on the right. Both of those “h” ‘s look like a cursive “l” connected to a cursive “i”, in my opinion.

Another thing I noticed about the Palin’s signatures is the possibility that one of them signed the other’s name on the documents I obtained the signatures from. Each set looks like the signatures could have been done by the same person, to my eye. So considering all the Palins signatures, including the middle right signature of Todd alone, do you think one of them signed the CBJ letter and if so which one?

One more thing before I close. I received an email suggesting having a handwriting expert do an analysis. I am on a fixed income so it’s not within my budget. The reader who emailed me suggested maybe starting a fund to have the analysis done. If you reply to this post please indicate whether you think I should add a PayPal button for donations to a fund for that purpose. This expert charges $295 for a verbal opinion and $590 for an official written letter of opinion.

Please express your opinions freely and I look forward to your responses.



WakeUpAmerica said...

I thought those two A's looked alike also before I read your analysis. One thing you should do is magnify the CBJ signature and see if you can see any places where the line of a letter has been stopped and re-started or gone over more than once. That's an indication of a forgery.

Caroline said...

There are any number of official forms filled out (poorly) by Sarah Palin (financial disclosure, tax, even travel) that would provide better clues than her signature.

Anonymous said...

Check out the connection between C and B (CBJ) top line. And the H and P in (SP)2nd signature on document right hand side.
How many people really connect all names?

Anonymous said...

All the females on my mother's side (my mother, 2 sisters, aunt and I) all sign the last 3 letters of my last name nearly identically. But we're all blood-related and female. I'm left-handed and the rest are right.

I find it odd that both Sarah and Todd leave the "n" off their signature. The second one on the right is obviously not Sarah's. It looks like it was signed left-handed by someone who is right-handed. Probably Todd; you'd think he'd know she doesn't use her middle initial in her signature. But then again he spells his name "Jodd".

I've seen the CBJ signatures, and I didn't think this one varies any more than my own does. Whoever forged Sarah's signature obviously sucks at it. If CBJ's is a forgery, it's a lot better than that one.

I think someone will start talking soon. Then people with more money and power might hire a handwriting analyst. If you want to be the one to crack the case open, I'd say open up the PayPal account and hope for the best. But you may be disappointed by the results.

Also, there doesn't seem to be any "smoking gun" with these tea baggers. Not tax evasion, hiring illegal immigrants nor delusional thinking sway their popularity.

Sorry I can't be more encouraging.

Agnes said...

Blade, it's really cool to get a chance to study all these signatures. I think Sarah is the forger. She tends to connect all the words, and there are the h's that you pointed out. Also, too, she runs uphill when she writes. When I was in school, that was said to be the sign of an ambitious person. My own writing slopes downward, and I always consciously force it up so that people won't think I lack ambition. (LOL)

Todd's writing seems cramped, and he drops the last letter or two off his name. He does clearly separate the names, though.

I don't think it's worth paying for expert analysis unless you intend to bring a law suit or some other legal action, and then you should be really sure. I once knew someone who examined signatures for law enforcement - fraudulent cheques and such - and it's not a very exact science. A sharp lawyer can demolish the credibility of an expert who isn't super confident and able to stand his/her ground.

It's fascinating for us to discuss these signatures, but they don't tell as much as the odd wording of the letter and the suspicious timing of its release. As long as CBJ is willing to let it pass in her name, it's not likely to be exposed as a forgery by any official body.

W said...

I think this is a pointless cause, as people's signatures and handwriting changes slightly or even dramatically every time. Mine sure does, depending on how lazy I feel that day.

Also, to reply to Anon 11:59, there's really nothing morally wrong with hiring illegals, esp if you need help with hard labor. This country thrives on illegal hires and they are the only ones willing to work the "shitty" jobs, as Americans are lazy. My parents employed about 30 respectable illeg Mexicans who are diligently working on becoming citizens.

sunnyjane said...

If you put up a PayPal button, I would be happy to contribute to this fund. It won't be much, but I'd send what I could to get it started.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's signature comparisons on your previous post, my first thought it looked like a teenager's handwriting - all rounded and bubbly.

Anonymous said...

To my inexpert eye, the left set of Palin signatures and the bottom right set look to have been written by the same person: same pen, same weight of strokes, similar shape of letters. The set upper right look different. Signing for one's spouse is not the biggest crime in the world -- I know my husband's signature to forge it, and have done so a few times, for example on school forms when getting his actual signature would have been a massive hassle (You can arrest me now). As anon 10:54 points out, the connection of first/last names is notable--highly unusual, I think--and is evident in all of the SP signatures plus the CBJ sig. My deduction: SP generated all of the signatures except maybe the TP sig upper right.

Anonymous said...

Great post. And if I could, I'd send you a donation for the analysis. Hope it gets done - and soon. This will be (could be) the 'straw that broke WGE's back' imo.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the two Palin signatures on the left, I initially was very confused and had to re read the first part of your blog because I couldn't work out why there would be two different names signed by the same person, no joke.
Then I read further and realised you think the same...I would put serious money on those signatures being from the same person, the ones on the left.
CBJ's I'm less sure about. I think handwriting analysts have certain letters they focus on that tend to be unique between individuals and unfortunately I don't think a is one.
But it's worth a shot. Great exclusive showing that one of the Palin's is forging the others signature repeatedly!

Anonymous said...

I still think that the last letter on CBJ's signature looping under puts the "F" in forgery. All her other signatures end with the line shooting away.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you try these graphologists:

I don't know them personally, or how their fee would compare, but I've seen their work for one of their corporate clients, and their skills are excellent.

They are a mother-daughter team, and both are court qualified expert witnesses. They do handwriting examination for individuals, legal/law enforcement and corporate clients.

eva marie said...

The curling under and to the left of the last stroke indicated to me the signature was done with the left hand. I am left handed and notice how marks are extended to the out edge of a person's hand, no matter the hand they write with.

Anonymous said...

Not important in the BIG scheme of things - but worth a second of your time:

Poll: Was Sarah Palin booed on Dancing with the Stars?

Anonymous said...

Todd writes like a girl.

Anonymous said...

I would contribute, but I'm afraid it could only be a woefully small amount.

Anonymous said...

Please see Bristol Palin's signature for comaprison (from Patrick of Palingates flicker acct.):

Anonymous said...

The 'artist' here from the previous signature post comment: September 29, 2010 10:23 PM

The 'a' in Sarah's signature and the 'a' in Baldwin are an exact match in regards to roundness and the carrying of the stroke from the initial capital letter in each name. With the additional signatures for comparison, it's absolutely clear to me that CBJ always lifts her pen and initiates the letter 'a' as a new stroke.

In my opinion, it's highly probably that CBJ's signature on the CBJ letter was signed by Sarah herself and not signed by CBJ.

Once again. This is my opinion. YMMV

Gles said...

YMMV I think you are right. I looked at the sigs in the previous post...the "a" definitely looks like a new stroke. I find myself writing Baldwin.

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