Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did Bristol Give Birth In 2007?


UPDATE: Evidently the poster changed their user ID at some point which changed the ID on all their previous posts so this is a dead end.


I  was searching discussion boards for posts about Bristol being pregnant in early 2008 when I came across something very strange on this message board.





All posts are dated April 18, 2007. One post is authored by “Bristol Palin's retarded incest baby”.

At first I thought the date must have been wrong on the board’s posting program but the first post links to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle which is dated April 18, 2007. The story is about a copycat threat of the Virginia Tech massacre that took place on Monday, April 16, 2007.

Why would someone have been using that nickname one year to the day BEFORE Trig’s supposed birth?

Did Bristol give birth in 2007? If so what happened to that baby? Does the green sweater photo show a pregnant Bristol after all? I’m not sure if the exact date of the top photo was ever pinned down but the bottom picture was taken on December 8, 2006 according to this article. I don’t think pregnancy can be ruled out in either picture.


bristol-palin-pregnant  bp2006

The picture below dated June 10, 2007 does not appear to show a post-partum Bristol but it’s possible that she lost the baby weight quickly.


It doesn’t seem possible that Trig could have been born in 2007. At least not the Trig that was presented on April 18, 2008. However, the Trig introduced in fall 2008 always seemed big for a 4 month old with Down Syndrome. And where does Ruffles fit in to all of this? I’m not sure but I will be digging for more on this new possibility.

Contact me with any information about the issues in this post or any other babygate related material.




Olivia said...

I googled the prhase "bristol palin's retarded incest baby" and there are posts going back to Oct 2005 from someone using that name.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow! That is quite a discovery Blade!

Anonymous said...

Could it be something out of "The Shipping News"??????

Anonymous said...

Incest is much more common than anyone in Alaska cares to admit...in rural and not-so-rural homes...including prominent families where secretly predatory and abusive men have been publicly lauded as legendary pioneers and heroes. So many damaged lives...it's sickening.

Olivia said...

Reading through the posts written by "Bristol Palin's retarded incest baby" that go back to 2005, the writer is a Spanish speaking male law student who comes from Spanish speaking extended family. He mentioned growing up another country.

Anonymous said...

Huh, I wonder if this poster changed his user name at some point, and the older posts retroactively changed????

Olivia said...

I wondered the same thing. Bristol had to have only been 14 or so then.

Olivia said...

I found a pdf online that confirms that changing your username will change your username on all previous posts. So it appears that this lead means nothing. The person could have changed his username yesterday and it would appear all the way back to the very first post he made.
The information starts on page 2 of the pdf.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...


whokebe said...

rate me as a poster

JBD said...

White Girls with Asian Guys WGWAG WGWAG

Teddy Ruse-a-felt. said...

Wait, did this happen before or after she was president?