Monday, October 18, 2010

Medical Ethics


Last week there was an excellent post at Palingates regarding the roles of Mat-Su Regional Medical Center and Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson in Sarah Palin’s pregnancy with Trig IF it had been real.

The allegations made about CBJ’s involvement are spot-on. Her actions should be investigated because medical ethics were without a doubt violated if the events surrounding the birth of Trig are true.

The case against Mat-Su Regional is far less clear-cut. While the hospital may very well have been complicit in the events that occurred on April 18, 2008 proving it might be difficult.

Here are the details of the birth of Trig at Mat-Su Regional according to Sarah.

On April 22, 2008, Sarah Palin said:
Palin: And, uh, he wasn’t due for 4 or 5 weeks later and um, while I was at energy conference I felt perfectly fine but uh, had thought maybe a few things were starting to progress a little bit that perhaps there was an idea there that he might come early. So I called my doctor at about uh four in the morning in Texas and um I said ya know I’m gonna stay for the day here at the energy conference - have a speech that I was determined to give at one o’clock that afternoon and, um, had Todd check on a couple of flights that were earlier than we had scheduled. I decided it would be ok to, um, skip the reception that night that we’d already by that time have taken care of our meetings and my speech. So Todd checked on flights. A flight allowed us to get out a little earlier than we had planned. Skipped the reception and, um, called my doctor before I got on the plane to say, ‘Yea, we think that we will come home a few hours early,’ and, uh, she said ‘OK call when you land and I’ll check you out.’ But none of my babies had been early and being my fifth child I know what labor feels like (laughing) and if I had felt at all that I was really engaged in uh, labor activities I would not have desired to fly and, um, get back uh, to deliver in Alaska. But anyway, so no real huge labor signs. Landed in, uh, in Anchorage at about 10:30. Got out to the valley at 11:30 and she met us at the hospital, checked me out and said, ‘Um, Yea you look, you may have it um tonight or in the morning.’ And it was smooth, it was relatively easy, in fact it was very easy, the easiest of all of them because he was so tiny. And, um, it’s just been absolutely wonderful. It was all, it just all seemed meant to be… the logistics and everything else just worked out so perfectly and to us he’s absolutely perfect, too.

The baby being due 4 or 5 weeks later is important because according to the Palingates reader who spoke with someone at Mat-Su a pregnancy generally must be at least 35 weeks along for a woman to deliver there. 40 weeks is considered full-term so Sarah just met the cut-off on that rule.

Also, of significance is the fact that CBJ met the Palins at the hospital and checked Sarah out. If Sarah had just arrived at the hospital and had to be examined by one of the doctors on duty then the hospital would bear much more responsibility for allowing the high risk delivery to take place there. Since CBJ was Sarah’s personal physician there may have been no involvement of other hospital staff.

Since we know that the pregnancy was all a hoax, I think it likely happened like this.

CBJ met Sarah and Todd outside the hospital and escorted them in. She asked for complete privacy for the Palins. She handled everything, the exam, the admission and all hospital personnel were prohibited from entering the birth suite that Sarah was in. While I think that Sarah had enough influence to get the hospital to go along with her hoax it was safer to actually go through the charade of admitting her and pretending that she was really giving birth. The fewer people involved the less chance of a leak.

Palingates has a link for making a complaint against the hospital for allowing a birth to take place there that they weren’t qualified to handle. A case could possibly be made but I’m not sure since I believe CBJ took complete charge of Sarah and Trig while they were at the hospital.

There is also a link for making a complaint against CBJ. I think that is a more worthwhile avenue although I wonder how many members of the licensing board were appointed by or are cronies of Sarah?

It seems that things are starting to come to a head with Sarah changing details of Trig’s birth so frequently these days. I think it might break wide open sooner rather than later.

Any information is always appreciated.



Anonymous said...

I hope you're right! Can't wait for this to blow up in her face!

Anonymous said...

Major RED FLAGS for LIES: At a recent speech Sarah claimed she was 7 1/2 months (!) when she delivered Trig, which would put her at about 30 weeks, since 40 weeks is closer to 10 months, and that would be way off from Mat-Su's rules. (She has also changed the birthplace story from Mat-Su to Anchorage!)

Any woman who's delivered a pre-term baby after having ultrasounds & an amnio, knows the exact week of gestation the baby is when born, and they refer to the birth timeframe in weeks, not "approximate months". Every week counts for critical development, and mother's of premies remember the worry they went through over the baby's lung development, etc, and will always remember the exact weeks of gestation.

Also any OB/GYN with a brain & valid license would try to hold off Sarah's labor if possible AND with the high risk nature of the pregnancy (a woman over 35 having a premie Down's baby), an OB would've called in a pediatrician to handle the baby's multiple health risks and not just do it all herself!

Sarah is so narrisstic that she can't even pretend to have been concerned about the health risks of a premie with Down's, instead she focuses the attention on herself, talks about her tight abs, saying the labor was a breeze, that she was so blessed, etc, it doesn't make sense. There are usually so many random people that pregnant women talk to during their pregnancies about their belly, their swelling, etc, that for Sarah not to discuss/complain about any of the changes that affect women for months is clearly a red flag too.

Anonymous said...

I see two more problems. If he was a high risk child with DS, juandiced and a hole in his heart, why wasn't he transferred to a hospital with a NICU? And... Why was he discharged in 2 or 3 days and allowed to be in her office 3 days after the birth?

Gles said...

Re: the baby at work. The one thing that always bothered me was the question of state workman's comp insurance coverage. If something should have happened to either the mother (did Sarah take maternity leave or have a doctor's permission to return to work) which would have been turned into Human Resources. Also what if the baby was injured on work premesis such as being dropped,person carrying baby tripped, etc. That is a workman's comp case waiting to happen. Does Alaska's state workman's comp cover newborns on premesis? BTW, I'm sure Sarah felt she could do anything no matter what the coverage.

All I know is from the companies I have worked for and the strictness regarding birth mothers return to work and workman's comp liability regarding children.

I seem to remember Sarah receiving an email regarding bringing the newborn baby to work..and its appearances but WC not addressed.

I'd sure like to hear someone else's take on this.

Anonymous said...

It always seemed blatant to me, her wearing the baby wrap-around for the nice pic shoot of 'signing' some thing.
No one in their correct mind would drag a young baby with health issues to public gatherings of any kind.
...unless of course it was subterfuge.

I think you are spot on about CBJ hiding them in a 'private room'.
Particularly since there was no birth going on in that room.


Joan said...

I just checked on and CBJ is not listed as a practicing physician in Alaska anymore. I believe that this is a fairly complete listing of physicians. Could she have retired?

Blade said...

The above is the Alaska state licensing board. CBJ is still licensed until 12/31/2010 which is the expiration date. There are no actions or accusations against her license in the database at this time. Accusations made by the public are investigated to see if evidence exists to take action. I am curious who the members of the board are and their relationship with Sarah.

Heidi1 said...

"I am curious who the members of the board are and their relationship with Sarah."

Blade - that is definitely worth looking to. Why do I have this sinking feeling that every one of them is in cahoots with $arah? There has to be a reason why none of the accusations which I've heard that several bloggers & commenters have filed, have resulted in formal action from this Board? It is one giant Mafia, and we're unraveling it more and more each day. Keep up the great research!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the investigation and research. If this is true, they all have to be exposed. If Sarah is capable of such a thing, what would she do if she became president??