Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Alaska State Medical Board


The Alaska State Medical Board is staffed by the Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing. The board consists of five physicians,
one physician assistant, and two public members. Board members are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature.

Below is a list of the current members of the board. They were all appointed or reappointed by Sarah. I guess that might explain why complaints made against CBJ aren’t followed through on.

A Governor with an agenda such as Sarah Palin can certainly stack the deck in their favor.

Jean M. Tsigonis, MD, Chair 907/459-3500 907/459-3588
1001 Noble Street
Fairbanks AK 99701
Appointed - November 15,  2006   Term Expires - March 1, 2012

John S. Cullen, MD 907/835-4811 907/835-5162
Post Office Box 1829
Valdez AK 99686
Appointed - March 1, 2008  Term Expires - March 1, 2012

Edward A. Hall, PA-C 907/222-7612 907/222-6976
13601 Windward Circle
Anchorage AK 99516n
Appointed - May 19, 2008  Term Expires - March 1, 2013

Kathleen (Casey) Millar, Public Member 907/522-2251 907/522-2251
15801 Windsong Drive
Anchorage AK 99516
Appointed - March 1, 2009  Term Expires - March 1, 2013

David A. Miller, MD 907/586-4126 907/586-4134
3268 Hospital Drive – Suite C
Juneau AK 99801
Appointed - March 1, 2009  Term Expires - March 1, 2012

David J. Powers, MD 907/842-9218 907/842-9250
Post Office Box 324
Dillingham AK 99576
Appointed - December 2, 2008  Term Expires - March 1, 2012

William W. Resinger, MD
Post Office Box 839
Palmer AK 99645
Appointed - September 21, 2007 Term Expires - March 1, 2014

Michael J. Tauriainen, Public Member 907/262-4624 907/262-5777
35186 Spur Highway
Soldotna AK 99669
Appointed - May 28, 2003  Term Expires - March 1, 2012




carrieoki said...

Another piece of the puzzle. Thanks for your work.

Gles said...

I'm gonna be tacky...wonder if Todd picked these people.

Heidi1 said...

Just as we feared, right Blade? All hand-picked by $arah. I think you've done great research with your list, and thank you for following up.

Do you have any thoughts about how we might proceed with this list? I'd be more than happy to write a letter, with a c.c. to each name. Thank you.

AKRNC said...

I think in order to get attention to the complaints being filed that a letter is sent to each doctor along with a copy to all the prominent newspapers in Alaska. If everyone were to receive a copy from several people and also knew that it was being made public, it would be difficult to ignore, especially as a group. Bringing to the physicians attention the fact that MatSu Hospital ignored their insurance liabilities and delivered a woman with a high risk pregnancy despite the ability to transfer her to another hospital. I think if we found out who provided the hospital's medical insurance, we could include them in the letters, also. Making it all public is the best way to keep it from being swept under the rug IMO. $arah no longer has the pull she once did and people need to let her know they no longer will cower in fear of her backlash.

Anonymous said...

Two women and all the rest are men? Wow.

Anonymous said...

It should be easy to figure out what insurance Sarah had a Govenor, since it would be the state issued plan. The administrators of the claims department should be notified to determine if a claim was filed for Bristol's and Sarah's claims of pregnancies. Although they can't give the info, they could investigate if a claim or no claim were submitted for OB visits, ultrasounds, an amnio, a premature delivery and prenatal care of a premature Down's baby. Did Trig undergo heart surgery, that would be traceable?

Can they verify if a claim was made or not and regarding what dates? There has to be a way to track evidence through those means. Could it result in a lawsuit if she filed false claims for a child she never had. Would she have been smart enough to have all the OB visits, labs and diagnostics accounted for if the claims were false and how would this be pulled off?

Gles said...

CBJ would have had to honor Sarah's insurance plan. Now as I think about this, what if Sarah paid out of her pocket first and then submitted claims to her insurance company. In my world the doctor's office does the claim submitting. Also, wouldn't Bristol's be covered since she has Alaskan Native Indian blood...? I seem to remember she was staying with her Aunt.

AKRNC said...

If $arah were to have claims submitted for her pregnancy, the testing done at the hospital or neonatologist who performed the testing may have had to submit it themselves, the same goes for whatever physicians she allegedly saw during her "pregnancy".

When a group of physicians agrees to accept a certain type of insurance, they sign an agreement with the insurance company that they, as a provider, will bill the insurance company directly. This is advantageous to them in a couple ways. They become a well known provider within the system. They also do the billing directly which allows for quicker payment to them rather than waiting for a patient to do the billing. With many insurance companies when they become an accepted provider, they must do all the billing and may only collect a co-pay at the time of the visit. Their agreement with the insurance company would become null and void if they allowed a patient to pay themselves and submit the claims on their own.

I'm almost positive, unless Alaskan government is an anomaly, that their insurance agreements would allow their employees who work for the state to see providers without having to pay in advance. Providers want to be listed with a group of employees as large as the State of Alaska so they agree to do this willingly, knowing that the volume of patients it will bring in will more than make up for any wait for payment in comparison to a small group with self-paying patients who sometimes pay at the time of visit.

Heidi1 said...

Another very important thing to keep in mind: The statute of limitations for complaints (against Mat-Su, that is) runs out after three years. That would make it April, 2011. I think time is of the essence if we plan on being serious about lodging complaints, and it sounds like we all are.

Dare we ask Blade to provide us with a rough draft of an acceptable letter we can use? She is very good with words, and may come up with a "velvet sledgehammer" approach, incorporating pertinent names, facts and dates.

What's a few dollars in postage fees to us if we can get letters out to all these people, in a concerted onslaught? Bring it on - I'm in!

Celia Harrison said...

Great job!

Gles said...

AKRNC thanks for the explanation. Now if supposedly all claims re:pregnancy were submitted by providers to insurance company....then whom/why request a copy of Trig's birth certificate re: the email to Todd? I wonder now if this request surprised Sarah(possibly she had not thought of it). Surely there should have been a bill submitted to insurance company by a Pediatrician who had examined the child right after birth.

I'm certain we will never know the insurance particulars but people with influence, money and power can do a workaround rule just costs them $$$$$$$$$ for silence.

Anonymous said...

Folks, I think you are barking up the wrong tree with the inquiries to Sarah's insurance company. They will not act on anything an unrelated party suggests. The people to inquire with are MatSu's insurers. They are the ones with the huge liability.

If we assume that $P did not have a baby, then there would be no medical claims for prenatal care or birth. If there were no claims, then there is no fraud (from the insurance point of view). I think the email to Todd came from the Human Resources department, which knew of the birth but hadn't been officially informed in order to get Trig added as a dependent. Whether he was birthed or adopted, he would be a dependent, so he's legal. (There would be an obvious problem if he had not be legally adopted, but I think we're assuming that he was and those records are sealed).

I think it's a good plan to contact these people and request an investigation into MatSu's complicity in delivering a baby which it shouldn't have. Following up on that will either reveal the truth (no baby) or get them in a lot of hot water. Both are admirable goals and important outcomes.

Ginger said...

Most insurance companies I know do not like to pay claims. The e-mail from the SOA, Benefits Div., dated May 21, 2008, asking "Gov. Sarah Palin" for Trig's birth certificate, had to be reacting to claims she had sent in.

Assuming the invoices were for Bristol giving birth to Trig, the only way the paperwork could be in Sarah's name, was with the compliments of Dr. CBJ.

Over at PD (Palin's Deceptions), we all knew Sarah would try to figure out some way to get her ins. to pay for Trig. How clever of Dr. CBJ to treat Bristol and pretend the patient was Sarah.

If you people think Sarah would fake a pregnancy and run for VP of the US without having a birth certificate to prove she is Trig's mother, you are not giving her the credit she deserves for being cunning, manipulative and a total fraud. The RNC didn't have time to deal with it. They only had two months and the baggage that came with her overwhelmed them. So much easier to say Bristol is five-months pregnant! And, this is probably the biggest reason she despises them.

Look at this way...Sarah fakes a pregnancy so the world will not find out her daughter is an unwed, teenage mother. With the help of Dr. CBJ and a few others, she pulls it off.

Then, she runs for VP and parades her daughter--five-months pregnant--around the campaign stage.

Does this make sense?

Tony said...

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Gles said...

Since Mat Su Hospital falls under the company named Community Health Systems... if you look on their site you will see a "Code of Conduct" page:

Notice the last bullet: "Compliance Policy: Preventing, Detecting and Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse". Now if you click on the text you get to read their policy.

Now I am wondering since the "wild ride" story of Sarah involves Mat Su and CBJ, wouldn't someone have looked into this well publicized story re:down syndrome birth which supposedly occurred at Mat Su Hospital?

Blade said...

These are all good points everyone is making. I will look into pursuing these routes. It may take awhile as I am having a flare up of my joint pain now so it is painful to sit at the computer for long at a time. Hopefully, I will be better soon and can do more research.


Alex said...

Can't we just put up a reward for information? I'll throw in ten bucks, I'm betting there are about 10,000 other people willing to do the same - that comes to $100,000 to anyone who can provide irrefutable evidence that she did not give birth in April '08.

Like it or not, the smoking gun is not likely going to come from your investigations, but from someone with some inside access somewhere. I truly believe this is a scam/conspiracy and that if she ever got seriously into the presidential race, someone would come forward. Let's just speed this up somehow - I'm so sick of her and her strangely devoted following. Though I feel sorry for her children, I would like nothing more than to see this grifter totally shamed off the stage and have her followers heads explode.

Again, everyone commits to 10 bucks somehow, puts into some kind of Paypal escrow account, watch the total go up and wait for the one who knows to come out of the woodwork. Perhaps even the temperature rises enough, someone like CBJ would cave-in and do some preemptive career saving.

Who's with me?

Blade said...

Alex, yes I am sure that many people would be willing to chip in for a reward fund. The problem is that the people who really know the truth are probably already being paid by Sarah to keep quiet. They are likely also being threatened. I think there are really very few people who could provide the evidence that she didn't birth Trig and they are people who are very close to Sarah. If money was a motivation for them and they had the proof needed they could have sold that evidence to a tabloid for a huge sum.

Barb_Dwyer said...

Interesting, I don't know how I missed this post before. I know John Cullen quite well and he is definitely NOT a fan of Sarah Palin. I've been meaning to speak to him about Palin and the baby fiasco for quite awhile now but our paths haven't crossed. I know where to find him though and I'll certainly make the effort now