Friday, September 10, 2010

Double, Double Toil And Trouble


I had never heard of Dr. Gina Loudon, her husband John, or their children until a few days ago when Dr. Gina began her defense of Sarah Palin. So I began to research the Loudon clan who as it turns out are a lot like the Palins who they seem to be trying to emulate.

Like the Palins they are a political family and have five children. One of the children, Samuel, who is adopted, has Down Syndrome.

In a recent Vanity Fair article, reporter Michael Gross mistakenly identified five year old Samuel Loudon as Trig Palin. The mistake is certainly understandable as seen in the photos below. Top, Trig, middle, Samuel, bottom, Trig. There is definitely a resemblance.


Samuel’s mother seems to have trouble accepting that a mistake was made. She has been trying to use that mistake to discredit the whole article. However, Gina Loudon has something besides politics and five kids including one with Down Syndrome in common with Sarah. Like Sarah, Gina Loudon lies.

Why is Gina Loudon defending Sarah Palin with such ferocity? Why is she telling lies in an effort to make Michael Gross look bad? Could it be that Michael Gross inadvertently revealed something that the Palins and the Loudons didn’t want revealed?

Here is a picture of Trig that has always bothered me because something about him doesn’t look right. He is slimmer than he appears in other pictures, his face is thinner and his neck seems a lot smaller.


At least two pro- Palin blogs, here and here present the photo above as Trig. I haven’t seen that identification disputed anywhere.

Now take a good luck at the following image.



The little boy is identified as Sam Loudon.

I think the child with the Palins is Sam Loudon. Notice Sam’s face is thin and his neck is small like the boy in the first picture.

Is it possible that the Palins borrow Sam on occasion as a Trig double. But for what reason? Why would Trig be unavailable to his parents?

Another oddity is that according to the Vanity Fair piece, Piper was pushing five year old Sam in a baby carriage. Why would a five year old be in a baby carriage or even a stroller? Sam can walk as seen in this video.

Gina Loudon talks about how close the Palins are to Sam and how Piper spends so much time with him. Sounds like they almost have a brother/sister relationship. Hmmm…Interesting.

If anyone has seen other pictures where Samuel might have been playing Trig or if you have any additional info on the Loudons, please email me.



Dorian M said...

Exactly. Keep digging.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah what-she-said

truthrocks said...

The minute I read the story about Gina Loudon I said to myself, this woman probably has the key to opening up the Trig mystery door.

Anonymous said...

The entire shape of the baby toaddy holds is different from BabyakaTrig.
Trig has been known as much bulkier.
Toad holds a thinner smaller frame child with a more obvious neck...and more hair than Ive ever seen on BKasTrig.

snowzilla flashes thru Kansas often.
She has those evangelli money-pals there
also too.

London Bridges said...

One thing do recall is that sequential, chronological pictures of Trig often had significantly up and down hair lengths, which at the time seemed odd.

Anonymous said...

Methinks she doth protest too much!

NakedTruth said...

Sam and Trig look much alike. We need to learn more about Sam's adoption.

Where did he come from? Did Sarah get Trig from the same place? Has there ever been a sighting of Trig and Sam together? Why is when Sam is there Trig is nowhere to be found?

And I am with some of you, why is Sam riding around in a stroller at 5 years old? Is he really 5? Remember many of us thought that when Sarah presented the Trig that the Heaths were holding in the hospital that he did not look like a newborn and looked much bigger than 6 lbs. He definitely looked bigger than the baby Mercede called 'Triggybear' and the one at the faux babyshower that was supposedly given for Sarah.

The Naked Truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie!

Merry said...

I think it is Trig in the Psalms photo. If you look on the first of the two proPalin links, there is a slide show of Trig pictures. There are two of him and Todd in which the child has on the same raincoat and red and white tee shirt. Unless they have this other kid a lot of the time?, which just doesn't add up. They don't look anything alike to me, and there is a fairly big age difference.

Anonymous said...

the Loudon baby seems much more functional than Trig. Like that baby who seemed more animated and in control of himself physically on the book tour.

Anonymous said...

Londonbridge, yes there is weirdness about the hair and in fact, one photo shows the hair cut straight across, like shaved for surgery?

Anonymous said...

Again, I think you are getting close Blade keep it up. I think there is definately a story here.
It makes a lot of sense with some of the sightings we have had of Trig that don't add up.

Blade said...

Merry - Yes, there are a couple of pictures in the slide show that appear to be Trig dressed the same as in the Psalms picture but if Sam was being used part-time as Trig when the pics were taken then dressing them alike would make sense.


Anonymous said...

There are a number of photos of Trig here, including book tour photos. Aside from the similarities of the two boys, the EARS, nose facial dimensions seem different. The Trig photos look consistent to me, although I believe it is possible the Palins have used another DS child for public appearances, and this child seems a perfect match for that.

Anonymous said...

I believe there was a discussion at PG ( that indicated that the two boys are much closer in age, that Sam is 5 NOW but was closer to 3 at the time. Maybe someone can provide the link to that discussion?

Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought of when I heard "the, that's not trig story" was, maybe this is how Sarah got trig in the first place, maybe the loundens taught her how to get a ds baby for show.

Cotton said...

I think the picture of Trig in the airplane with Willow looks very like the picture of Sam in this document. Scroll down to find it.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:39, Yes, I think you are onto something here-

These little guys look very different to me, but the connection may be the one you suggest. The only real similarity that I see between the photos (#4 Trig shown from behind being held by Todd and #5 Sam on blonde woman's lap) is the shaping of the hair. As we can surmise that the Palins spend very little time grooming Trig, his hair shape is probably the way the hair falls naturally.

Since the "Gina-Sarah Liars Team" made such a fuss over this issue, it tells me that there is DEFINATELY something to be looked at-- yes Blade, with your magnifying glass!

Conscious at last!

mxm said...

You need to evaluate the video closely. The film is dated. Look at each of the individuals then and now. Samuel is perhaps 2+ in the video and a 4 1/2 - 5 year old in the photo with Piper. Look at the length of his legs.

Gles said...

I had read a blurb in an old blog which said something like....perhaps Dr. Thompson was able to access a baby for CBJ and Sarah. Now I don't know the religious leanings of Thompson but anything is possible. I wonder if the Loudon child has Alaska Native American blood. Also the women in Quiverfull website(older women still breeding) accepting gratefully a DS baby.

One other thought re Sarah....if she could no longer have children after Piper, wanting and having may have had a reality Trig.
So very sad.

You don't suppose there is some kind of baby adoption ring scandal going on in Alaska. Doctors helping women with access to unwanted babies.

Anonymous said...

I totally see what you are seeing. I also want to comment on her whole "only Piper Palin is kind to my child with Down Syndrome, other kids don't give him the time of day" BS...It is TOTAL BS from my experience as a mom of a child with DS. My daughter is 10 and for her entire life, people - children, adults, EVERYONE - is DRAWN to her. Older kids want to take care of her, kids her age want to play with her, younger kids don't even freaking NOTICE.

Agnes said...

I think the Loudons are definitely mixed up in the Trig story somewhere. I would like to know how long Sarah has known them. They run all these schemes - public relations, life coaching, and special needs adoptions. We know that Sarah has built a profitable career by hiring that sort of person to package her and sell her and point her in the direction of the next open door.

Slightly off topic, and kind of crazy, but I would like to know what you all think. Bristol is still awfully chunky through the middle but not admitting to being pregnant. Sarah has been gaining weight, and appeared today in Wasilla in a boxy jacket that could be taken for a maternity top. Do you think she has the unmitigated gall to TRY THE SAME TRICK AGAIN?

Anonymous said...

@anon @ 4.16pm; very pleased and not surprised to hear that your child is treated well. I thought that seemed inaccurate too but do not have your first hand experience. Yes, occasionally a child might be cruel but HARDLY the majority or even a significant minority.
It reflects poorly on what Loudon really thinks of DS to me. These hard right wingers don't seem to have very pro-special needs views at ALL. They patronize them instead of calling for funding for programmes that help people with DS to lead even fuller lives. They expect sainthood for having the child and seem to only use the child for political gain.

conscious at last said...

To Agnes@ 7:32

Re: your last suggestion that our girl might try another faked pregnancy--Ha that's hilarious! Well I say-- BRING IT ON! If she thinks folks will believe that -- she's skating on thin ice. Since she is such an attention whore, maybe she'll agree to someone filming the "birth!!"

Wow- we could have a lot of fun with this.

Anonymous said...

conscious at last - one would assume the idea of Palin faking another pregnacy is totally ridiculous. But look how many people believed her last time! And the media never challenges her. If it worked for her before....

Anonymous said...

After reading your post, I did a quick google search and found a picture in this LA Times article.

It looks like the "Trig" in this picture does not look like any other Trig presented in the same book tour. Very interesting. I think there are cites with more complete collection of Trig pictures during her book tour. It might shine some light to this Trig Props mystery.

Anonymous said...

ah yes - the comments in that article indicate that Scarah showed Tri-G's birth certificate to the general public. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED!

She will not disclose his true birth date, and she may not have even adopted him. He is just borrowed for show.