Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shailey Tripp’s Integrity…


About Shailey being on Dial – A – Star

Some people are stating that Shailey is doing a sex chat. Not true and no where on the website is there any mention of sex. I am not saying that some people on there aren’t providing such a service but that is not the purpose of the site and that isn’t why Shailey is on there. She is just exploring ways to publicize the book and bring more attention to the corruption in Alaska.

This WAS NOT the great opportunity she was offered. That is something that she is still working towards and is not a sure thing but it is definitely worthwhile, legal and something she will be very proud of is she is able to qualify.

One more thing about the Dial A Star. Did anyone notice that Wink Martindale, a pushing 80, former game show host is one of the celebrities? Does anyone think he is doing sex chats?????


From comments left here and elsewhere plus email messages I have received, I know that some people think that Shailey Tripp is being less than honest or that she is a con artist.

Some of these opinions are based on contradictory statements that Shailey has made. Specifically, statements that Shailey made about the massage she gave Sarah Palin. The details of the massage in the book, Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal, differ from those that she made in interviews with Gryphen and myself, among others.I have addressed the issue before but I will say again that during the process of writing the book, Shailey did look through journals and other records that she kept while in Alaska and in doing so recalled things that she had forgotten.

Shailey  was working several jobs, attending college and caring for special needs kids all at the same time. She had little or no support from family or friends during that time. While living such a hectic, stress-filled life, days are bound to run together. Details are blurry or forgotten completely. I’m sure most of you reading this have been in a similar situation at one time or another. Try to think back to two or three years ago, to a specific date and see how well you are able to recall the events of that day.

For those who think that Shailey is less than honest for reasons other than above, I would like to know what those reasons are. In my personal experience of working with her for over a year, she has always kept her word to me.

I want to share some information that I think says a lot about Shailey as a person. Some will say that I was a fool but I had no legal contract as her co-author. In fact, I had nothing in writing at all except for email discussions we had about the payment I would receive, which I doubt would hold up in a court of law. Until about two weeks ago, I had never even spoken to Shailey on the telephone. We worked strictly by email and instant messaging. She could have kept all the money made from the book and there would have been little if anything I could have done but she didn’t.

Shailey forwards me the monthly reports on book sales and has paid me as agreed each time she has received royalty payments or made sales of e-books (e-book available here). During the recent crisis with my husband being hospitalized twice, Shailey offered support both emotional and financial. She has called and talked to me several times now and my impression is that she is honest, genuine and sincere. When talking to her, I am completely comfortable. I feel like I am talking to someone who I have known for years.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but for me actions speak louder than words and Shailey actions towards me and words as well, have been nothing but kind and honest.


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Nyah said...


I applaud your willingness to stand by your friend. However, I urge you to consider the point of view which many of us, the people who have bought the books, supported Shailey emotionally and financially, lent our credibility to try and get her story in the main stream.

Shailey's book is in MOST part about how she hated being forced to abandon her morals and integrity to be a sex worker and how she encouraged anyone in a similar situation to get OUT of it right away.

Then suddenly when book sales have tapered off and her story isn't gaining the exposure we'd all hoped- she says abruptly that she is closing her blog for an opportunity which feels "like Christmas".

And less than a week after THAT, we see Shailey has accepted a featured position on a SEX CHAT LINE.

Do you have ANY idea how duped many of us feel? I personally composed a brief about Shailey and sent it on to someone in the publicity office of the university where I work (along with sending it to multiple other colleagues) and how do you think I felt when my co-worker emailed me and said "I really don't think this lady's story will get wings- not since age just joined the sex trade AGAIN."

I was shocked and felt so stupid. I just can't believe Shailey would savage her own credibility in one fell swoop- after SO MANY of us put our hearts and souls into sharing her story.

Can you at least admit the phone sex chat is a direct about face from everything she has said and claimed over the last year?

She claimed her new "passion" was helping people free themselves from the binds of the sex trade. And turns right around and JOINS the sex trade. Again.

It's just unbelievable to me. I can't believe Shailey would sabotage her own story like this, for what will probably amount to very little money.

I feel betrayed by Shailey. I feel like returning my books to amazon. For someone who claims to have made poor choices "in her past"- this is a very bad choice for the present day.