Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Statements For Discussion


I received these two comments via email and thought they would make good fodder for discussion.

The first email from Darn Yankee <getyankee.fied@yahoo.com>with no subject states:

“Deputy Director of the Alaska Division of the Department of Motor Vehicles, has indicated that due to privacy issues the identity of the holder of vanity plates issued by the DMV would not be available to the general public. She was willing to confirm that the license plate “TRIPP” was requested on 5-11-10, and was issued on 5-17-10.”

Does anyone remember when the “Tripp” license plate was first spotted? It seems to me that it was before May of 2010.

The second email from Darn Yankee getyankee.fied@yahoo.com with the subject “dangerous” states:

“This is why it's dangerous to relate things that aren't connected and associating innocence (a baby) with something he or his parents know nothing about. think about who you'd be hurting. Blogs don't consider those who they could possible hurt. Why do you think so many people turned on palingates when they slandered Curtis Menard by publishing the paternity lie?”

Who is really hurting the baby, Darn Yankee? Bloggers who seek the truth or a woman who is exploiting the baby for political gain? A woman who couldn’t be bothered to properly clothe the baby on a chilly night because she might miss the opportunity to show off the child?




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