Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are There Really Two Trig Palins?


The short answer is no. A true legal identity belongs to only one human being. However, I have a more relevant question.

Does Trig Palin Really Exist?

Of course he does, some will say. But not so fast… Let’s look a little closer.

  • No birth certificate has been seen verifying the existence of Trig Palin
  • The source(s) that would have us believe there is a Trig Palin (The Palins, The Heaths, etc.) have been known to lie before.
  • Unusual circumstances surrounded the supposed birth of the child presented as Trig Palin.
  • At least two different children have been presented as Trig Palin as proven by this picture. Click on the picture for more information.

Thus we can not conclude that the child being called Trig Palin, is indeed, legally Trig Palin; only that he is known by that name.

Given the information above, what follows is my theory about the babies used by Sarah Palin.

Bristol’s Heartbreak


In the fall of 2007, Bristol Palin discovered she was pregnant. She tried to hide it for awhile but eventually had to tell her mother. Sarah was very angry at Bristol. This could potentially ruin Sarah’s political future. After debating all the options, it was decided that Bristol would go away for awhile while Sarah and Todd decided how to handle the situation.

Bristol was sent to live with her Aunt Heather in Anchorage after Christmas. She attended school there for a few weeks, hiding her condition under heavy winter clothing. Then suddenly Bristol went into premature labor and delivered a tiny,sickly baby boy who apparently had Down Syndrome.

Sarah and Todd had been making plans for the baby to be adopted out but the baby’s condition now made an adoption unlikely. Then a thought came to Sarah. She knew she was being considered as a possible running mate for John McCain. The fact that Bristol’s baby, had Down Syndrome was something she might be able to use. Since most Down Syndrome babies are aborted when the condition is revealed through pre-natal testing, Sarah would look like a saint for choosing life. She and Todd decided that if John McCain won the GOP nomination, Sarah would announce that she was pregnant and they would raise their daughter’s baby as their own.

McCain clinched the nomination on March 4, 2008. The next day Sarah Palin announced her pregnancy and that she was due in mid-May. Everyone was shocked since she didn’t look pregnant. She began stuffing pillows beneath her clothes. There, that’s better.

It was decided they would wait until after the pretend birth of the baby to announce that the boy had Down Syndrome. Sarah was scheduled  to give a speech at the RGA Oil and Gas Conference in Texas on April 17 and was worried her address might be cancelled if it were known her unborn baby had health issues. She needed to be at the conference to keep her name at the forefront of possible VP candidates.

In the meantime, Bristol’s son was growing stronger. He was nearly the size of a full term infant now and was ready to be released from the hospital where he had been since birth. Bristol was anxious to return home, as well. Sarah and Todd would be leaving for the conference soon so they met with Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson who had agreed to help them with the roll-out of the baby.

CBJ as the Palins called her made an excellent suggestion. Sarah should pretend to go into labor while in Texas. It would be a win-win situation all around. They would avoid the scrutiny of the Alaska media and that of relatives and friends. Sarah wouldn’t have to continue the farce of being pregnant and Bristol and the baby could come home.

Sarah delivered her speech just after 12pm on April 17, 2008. She rushed off stage as soon as she finished speaking. Her hurry to leave before the program was over sparked speculation that she was in labor which, of course, was the intent. She and Todd then made the long flight back to Alaska.

When Sarah and Todd landed in Anchorage they drove straight to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center and Sarah was admitted. Instructions were given to the staff to not enter Governor Palin’s room. Early the next morning Bristol’s son was spirited into the hospital and the birth of Trig Paxson Van Palin was announced. Sarah told reporters the remarkable tale that later came to be known as The Wild Ride. The Palins took their new addition home from the hospital the following day.

All was perfect in the Palin universe . Sarah took Trig to the office with her. Friends gave her baby showers where guests took turns holding Trig. Everyone loved the tiny baby. But then a problem arose. It was discovered that Trig had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome not Down Syndrome as the Palins had announced. The helix malformation of his right ear lead doctors to the correct diagnosis.

There was no way Sarah could continue to be the mother of that baby. She would be thought to be a drunk. Besides she really needed a Down Syndrome baby to make the statement, I chose life for this baby even though I knew through early testing that he would be born with Down Syndrome. There would be zero chance of her being chosen as McCain’s VP pick if word of the baby’s true affliction became public. Something had to be done to rectify the situation.

Sarah and Todd once again consulted with Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson to see if they could come up with a plan.CBJ told them they might be able to acquire a Down Syndrome infant and offered her help with finding one.

They were in luck. An infant was available. Photos were sent. The baby boy was chubby cheeked and had dark hair. He could definitely pass muster as a Palin so the arrangements were made to acquire the replacement Trig. They just had to figure out what to do with Bristol’s baby. Fortuitously, a bill that Sarah as Governor had earlier in the year signed into law provided the answer.

The baby formerly known as Trig was surrendered under The Safe Haven Law by a Palin acquaintance. The new Trig was accepted into the family and life continued as usual for all the Palin family except Bristol.


Bristol’s Revenge

Bristol had never been happy about letting her parents raise her son. She loved the baby that she hadn’t even been allowed to name. So Bristol set about getting pregnant again and she vowed this time no one would take her baby from her.

When she told Todd and Sarah that she was pregnant again they were livid. How could she make that mistake again? Bristol told them it was no mistake. Ironically, her decision to have another baby was used a few months later as proof that Sarah was Trig’s mother. Sarah always seems to luck out when she’s in sticky situations.

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston was born in late December of 2008. There remains some confusion as to the exact date as confusing information seems to be the norm regarding all things Palin.

After an engagement, messy break-up, custody battle and all around weird relationship, things seem to have come full circle for Bristol and her baby’s father, Levi Johnston. They recently announced they plan to wed. Sarah Palin has denied the rumors that she won’t attend the wedding.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of As The Palins World Turns.


The above is only my theory on the question of whether or not there is more than one Trig Palin. I do not represent this to be a true factual account of actual events.




LatinJanie said...

This makes a lot of sense to me. Good job!

Reesie said...

Makes a lot of sense to me.

Mel said...

Very plausible.

Smurfboots said...

You have stated the case quite well. I could not have explained it any better myself.

lisabeth said...

It makes sense but the ONLY way to prove it is if Bristol or Dr CBJ came forward! How could we increase the pressure.

Ginger said...

Here's my theory and it's really very simple: In Sarahs climb to achieve higher political office, poor Bristol got pg. Since she had alienated Track because he didn't want her running for gov., she wanted to fix it so no one would ever know Bristol was pg. And, she wanted her support on the national stage.

For some reason, she waited until McCain was nominated before she announced she was pg. All this time, Bristol was in hiding. Except, she was in an auto accident in Feb., 2008. Then, back in hiding and no one saw her until the end of April.

Dr. Cathy-Baldwin-Johnson orchestrated the fake pg right down to the paperwork. Sarah did talk to her doctor at 4:00 am on April 17, 2008, but she didn't call the doctor, the doctor called her. Why? To tell her Bristol went into labor.

Dr. CBJ had no idea she would pull a stupid stunt like telling the "wild ride" story. After all her work, and I think she even made sure Sarah had a b/c, the RNC didn't want to deal with it. Too much controversy over PO's b/c! It was much easier for Steve Schmidt and the gang to announce..."Bristol is five month pg." It's been said in political circles that that was the most brilliant move in the history of politics. Stoppped everything!

Almost 99.9% of America could not believe Sarah faked a pg, let alone her daughter. To this day, no one I know believes Sarah did.

The e-mail...not a theory...not a rumor...but a real piece of evidence. It is from the SOA, Benefits Div., and it tells us Sarah sent invoices for Trig's care to her state insurance. It was dated May 21, 2008, and it was requesting a b/c. Why, when the invoices were in her name, I don't know.

I've always thought Bristol got pg when Sarah was in Kuwait the last week of July. That sure ties in with a delivery date of April 17/18, 2008. And, whether or not Levi is the father of any Palin child, is very questionable.

Your theory is very complicated and leaves too much room for other people to be involved. There are so many other clues that Bristol was not pg a second time, I can't list them all.

Only the people that were in the room when Trig was born, know. And, I think you can count them on one hand.

Blade said...

Ginger - Could you email me with the info regarding Bristol not being pg the 2nd time. I have read some of the evidence against Bristol's 2nd pregnancy but would like to compare notes.



conscious at last said...

This is an intriguing thesis! I was unaware that helix malformation was a common symptom of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Thanks for pointing that out. I am so glad that many people are working on babygate- the more the merrier!

As for Ginger's comments above, I, too, have questioned whether BP was pregnant with Tripp --at least I question the pregnancy and birth schedule that SP/McCain campaign offered the public. I also question that child's true age. In the May '09 interview that Matt Lauer did with BP, the baby looked much older than 5 mos. to me. He looked so long, layed out on BP's lap.

I don't know what to think about the issues I've dealt with above, but I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN
that SARAH PALIN DID NOT BIRTH TRIG or any other baby in April 2008.

Anonymous said...

Two things (among the many) that continue to puzzle me: why did SP tell the "wild ride" story. and why did her doctor induce labor 6 wks early?

I remember an instructor in police interrogation techniques saying, "Liars will often pad their stories with too many details in an attempt to make them sound plausible." Considering that the original "wild Ride" story--water breaking, contractions, long plane flight--was later walked back to no mention of water breaking, nothing serious enough for SP's doctor to not ok the flight back to AK, strongly suggests a lie pretty much woven of whole cloth.

So what purpose was that story intended to serve?

The only reason that makes any sense to me is that it was intended to "explain" why Sarah's doctor saw an urgent need to induce labor six weeks early, at a hospital unequipped to handle high-risk deliveries. Trouble is, if one is to accept the version in Palin's book, that urgency becomes highly suspect--as well as does a 6 lb 6 oz, six weeks premature special needs baby. who goes to work with mom when he's 3 days old.