Monday, July 26, 2010

Sarah Palin, Get Thee To A Psychiatrist…

 Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. My opinions are based entirely on observing her behavior and the statements she has made in interviews, speeches and books including Going Rogue since she emerged into the national spotlight.

While reading Going Rogue and other sources, several things about Sarah Palin became obvious.

  1. She lacks respect for authority.
  2. She has no qualms about lying.
  3. Nothing is ever her fault.

There are other things, of course, but those are the ones I want to focus on right now.




Sarah’s disrespect for authority began at an early age. While she and her brother were snow machining one Christmas Day they were pulled over by an Alaska State Trooper. She feels that the trooper should have had higher priorities like catching bad guys or carrying some old person’s firewood in for them. I’m sure the trooper was only concerned for her and her brother’s safety.

She also mentions that at the time when she was running for Wasilla City Council, Wasilla had no police department. Alaska State Troopers patrolled the area but said Wasilla had better grow up because they were big enough to support their own police department.

It seems to me that Sarah has a deep-seated dislike, if not hatred, for Alaska State Troopers.

Did this contribute to Troopergate? Maybe Sarah wanted to get back at one of “them”.

There is a very detailed report here about Troopergate. The references are quite interesting to read, especially number 21.





While she was in high school, Sarah played basketball and she was also in band. The band was required to play for the boys basketball games which were right after the girls games. Sarah disliked this, so her dad, Chuck Heath, who was one of the coaches would tape Sarah’s fingers up. Then she would tell the band conductor that she would need to be excused due to sprained fingers. This was not a one time thing. She made a habit of it.

Lying seems to be second nature to Sarah, perhaps even pathological. I found this little nugget on the blog Wasilla, Alaska, by 300… Sarah lies about crossing the street. Pathological liars often lie about inconsequential things. Listed in the traits of a pathological liar is exaggerating and stories always changing. Sounds like Sarah to a tee.

Sarah speaks of her father as being very strict and having high expectations of all his children. If this is true why would he aid Sarah in lying to get out of doing something she didn’t like?  Lying is not a character trait that a good father should encourage.

I wonder how many times he has helped her with her lies since high school?


Don’t Blame Me!



Going Rogue is so full of examples of things that were not Sarah’s fault that there is no way I can mention all of them here. Don’t Blame Me should have been the title.

Basically, everything that went wrong while she was running for VP was someone else’s fault.

She claims she was thoroughly vetted.

That neither she nor any of her family wanted the fancy clothes.

Bristol’s pregnancy, which she claims was known to the McCain staff even before they chose her, was announced without her knowledge. After the announcement was made she was shown a statement that would be released as coming from her. She edited the statement but they released the original version.

Katy Couric was suffering from low self-esteem and needed to interview Sarah to feel better. Sarah gave wonderful answers to the questions Katie asked but CBS edited all the good parts out. Katie was condescending and that’s why Sarah didn’t name the newspapers and magazines she reads. Not because she couldn’t name any but because she was annoyed at Katie.

I could go on and on but you get the picture.





In my opinion, Sarah suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder and is a pathological liar. She has many, if not all of the symptoms of both. It’s obvious that she fancies herself to be above others; a leader spewing her proclamations to her adoring fans through Facebook and Twitter.

Sarah, do yourself, your family and the whole country a favor. GET SOME HELP!!!




Steve Finnell said...

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Pat in Branson said...

Couldn't agree more. Keep digging up the dirt from the past. Could help us in the future

Anonymous said...

Another good post! Direct, succinct and accurate! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

From her parents to most likely her siblings, Sarah Palin has been a manipulator all of her life. All of her family has enabled her to do this.

She is thin skinned and her defenses are always up. She trusts no one and that could include members of her own family.

Her siblings are all but invisible. No interviews, no off the cuff comments. Only her father speaks and that is rarely. I find that very interesting. I think they are all terrified of her, because they know her best and she is one scary person.

AKRNC said...

While I thought all along she was a bit nuts, when I read the story from a friend of hers about how when running for Mayor, the friend remarked that Palin could possibly be Governor someday. Palin's reply: I don't care about Governor, I want to be President. She had served four years in city council at that point, had a degree in journalism that was obtained after six years at five different colleges. Why five different colleges? Many people do not obtain a bachelor's degree in four years but I don't know anyone who has jumped from one college to another without reason. For Palin to think of herself as capable of serving as President at the time she did without doing anything further to educate herself since then, is preposterous and the sign of someone who has most definitely a serious mental disorder.

Her book, as another poster said, is filled with so many lies and not once in the entire book does she ever take responsibility for anything that goes wrong in her life.

Anonymous said...

The thing about Chuck taping Sarah's fingers really sticks in my craw. Chuck was a TEACHER! My father was a teacher and my coach and he would absolutely NEVER had given me an excuse to get out of an obligation like that.

And let's not forget how Sarah gushes that her father always insisted she give 100% and never let her quit. Except for the times he helped her slack off and lie to other teachers and her fellow students. Another lie by the master liar.

There are a lot of lies and secrets in that family. Sure, Chuck helping Sarah lie her way out of Pep Band seems pretty inconsequential, but it speaks to the larger issue of the Heath (now Palin) family where the truth is not all that important and where getting what you want is more important than being honorable.

Linda Arizona said...

Excellent post! Nice wrap-up of her sociopathic personality.

Only one problem...My understanding of the disorder is that there is no cure, no therapy for this. Sociopaths are born. I think of it as a kind of birth defect. The best we can hope for is that she will become passé before next year's election cycle.

Keep up the good work. You're helping to drive her into obscurity.

majii said...

As a retired teacher and parent, I insisted that my daughter be responsible for anything that happened at school. I told her that she had to handle her OWN business. She could have attended the school in an adjacent county where I taught, but I refused to allow it because I wanted her to learn responsibility on her own without being able to run to my classroom whenever something happened expecting me to bail her out. What Palin's father did was very unprofessional, shows a lack of ethics, and helped to create the monster that McCain unleashed on us in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! And about Palin and the law? Remember this?

"I told her it was against the law to make such a large expenditure [$50,000 to renovate her office] without the council taking a vote. She said, 'I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't." - Nick Carney, former Wasilla council member who mentored Palin

Grouchodawg said...

Is she related to Rod Blagojevich??? Two peas from the same pod. Ole Rod got caught. We can only hope for the same for her.