Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh, You Beautiful Doll?


I know this has been discussed a bit before but I would like to take another look at the possibility that a doll was used for the earliest pictures of Trig. Notice how similar these pictures seem? His mouth looks exactly the same except for the crease at the corner of his mouth being on the opposite side. I think it’s possible that one of these pictures may have been flipped and the soft material used to create these dolls caused the facial squishing in the first picture.

  trig  vxp5l3

Now take a look at a baby reborn also known as a “fake baby”.Notice the similarities? Clicking the picture of the reborn baby will take you to a website with more pictures of this doll as well as pictures of other reborns. They do look very real and they can be put in different poses and even “suck” pacifiers. Reborns can also have heartbeats, breathing simulators and warm skin with use of a heating device.


So why do I think the earliest version of Trig may have been one of these dolls? It’s just a hunch but it would explain why the first pictures we saw of Trig appear to be of a healthier, more robust baby than the baby in the pictures below and in the baby shower pictures.



But why would Sarah feel the need to use a “fake baby”? One reason might have been that the tiny, ruffle-eared baby was too sickly to present on April 18, 2008. My own personal feelings, though, are that Sarah was trying to keep that ruffled ear from being noticed. That would explain why Mercede’s computer was scrubbed. Does anyone know if the baby shower pictures on Kristan Cole’s website were quickly removed once Sarah was announced for VP?

I’m sure many reading this are wondering if she had a reborn why didn’t she take it to the baby shower? Too many people there to notice the baby wasn’t real. The earliest pictures involve only Sarah, Todd and Sarah’s parents who were all in on the deception. Why wasn’t Sarah concerned about the people at the shower noticing the ruffled ear? They were all friends and as it says in the book “Sarah” by Kaylene Johnson. valley people mind their own business and expect others to do the same.

Were there other times when a “fake baby” may have been substituted for Trig? Possibly. These pictures make me wonder.

palin2 wpalin3

A doll could explain why “Trig” didn’t suffocate in that sling. I guess we’ll never know for sure but it is one more thing to wonder about.







ManxMamma said...

Wow. Just WOW!

Floyd M. Orr said...

I covered this issue a while back at Palin Babygate, Blade. I do not think it is likely to be the truth, but I am certainly not ruling it out. The main thing that stops me from buying this is how many people love to go up to a baby, encourage him to wrap his tiny hand around a finger, and go Gitchy-gitchy-goo or whatever. I have a difficult time believing that The Palins would take such a chance. It would take only one nosy baby lover a moment to blow the whole scam out of the water.

Not Sure said...

The second photo was taken is Sarah Palin's office so there would have been too many people around to take the chance of passing a reborn off as a newborn baby.

conscious at last said...

I think this is a REAL possibility. {Also, too, go back to that famous video of SP adressing her church congregation with the baby sling where she reaches in and twinks his head while the minister looks on in confusion. That was a VERY INTERESTING VIDEO--PG has it somewhere.}

There are many photos where she has the sling on (or Todd does) and the baby is mostly covered up.
As for Floyd's question about folks getting too close-- yes that could be a problem, but there are simple Palin-type solutions. First, SP could have said, "please don't come close, he's a premie and very vulnerable.." Moreover, she was the governor, and although SP is personally undignified, many folks may have been intimidated by her office and would not have dared that cutesy business. When trying to understand SP's actions and thought processes, we cannot use clear logic, we must think like SP. She is a professional liar and a "fantabulist." She expects that her lies will be accepted, no matter how ridiculous they are. She has many enablers to enforce this system. So, yes, a baby doll could have been used some of the time.
These dolls are advertised in women's magazines all the time. We know that this was SP's main source of reading material.

Blade said...

I don't think being in the office rules out a doll. Like conscious at last said Sarah could have discouraged the goochy-gooers by telling them since he was a preemie not to get too close. Also if it was a doll being used Trig was sleeping the whole time so she could use "please don't disturb him" as a deterrent. With Sarah I have learned never say never.

B said...

Yes, people usually don't touch a sleeping child.

I would like to see video footage of the hospital Trig or office Trig, to see if he ever moves or his expression ever changes. Is there any you know of? I can't rule out a reborn.

I believe she arranged in advance the midnight return and overnight baby so she could stop pretending to be pregnant. Much easier if she didn't actually have to bring Trig to the hospital. He stayed home or at an NICU at another hospital, far from MatSu's hospital.

That said, I don't think the story changes greatly if hospital Trig is really Sadie/shower Trig and/or RNC Trig. She still faked the pregnancy.

Blade said...

B - I don't know of any video footage but there may be some floating around somewhere. I will do some checking since I do find new stuff at times.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Im with you on this 'reborn' faux baby.
I always thought the 1st pic of 'baby' were very very strange.
Hiding it in a sling first few weeks, is of course the best hide it.

Anonymous said...

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