Friday, July 30, 2010

Picture of Sarah Kissing Trig




I ran across this photo I had not seen before on a pro-Palin blog. The blog post itself doesn’t give any information about the picture but in the comments someone asks about it and the blogger answers that she believes it’s from Sarah’s 2009 calendar. US and OK magazines had access to the pics as the clothes match these covers. The picture obviously would have to be from sometime between April and September of ‘08 due to Trig’s size.



The reason that I am curious about this picture is because the right ear doesn’t appear to be ruffled from what I can see when I enlarge the image. If anyone is able to blow the picture up and retain clarity it would be interesting to see if the ear is indeed unruffled. If the photo hasn’t been flipped this might be one of the first pictures of round-eared Trig. If anyone can identify the original source for these photos it would be useful to verify the date which might give us a clue as to when the ruffle-eared baby was replaced.

If anyone has info please e-mail me or leave a comment.


Additional info: It has been brought to my attention that the picture is probably from the baby shower or taken at the same time as Sarah and Trig are wearing the same outfits. However, I am still curious as to whether or not the right ear is really unruffled. I enlarged the picture and I couldn’t see the ruffle. If someone has expertise with photos perhaps you could take a look. Maybe the picture is flipped and the left ear appears to be the right. Is there anyway to make that determination?



Floyd M. Orr said...

Blade, I am not the photo expert among the bloggers (Bree & PG are more into that stuff), but it looks to me as if that is just another shot from the baby shower with Ruffles. Notice her outfit as well as his. I have seen that picture before. I believe it may be from the inside story of the baby shower in the magazine. The biggest and best shot of that photo shoot is the one Gryphen used on a post yesterday and I put a cropped version of it on my Trigarama post.

ferob said...

Didn't I read someplace that one of the Palin kids knew from the first time they saw Trig that he had Down Syndrome. This baby looks very normal to me.
I wish this story would come to an end.

Gles said...

Her hand is partially covering the baby's ear. Wonder if she did that on purpose.

Doot Diddy Doot said...

Gles.........if you notice in many pictures several family members are seen covering the ear exposed to view. Recently pics have started popping back up on the internet that were previously scrubbed. You'll see I've recently found some that were originally hidden after she was first picked by McCain.

I left the date and source but I found some of those pics missing from dec07-april08 and we see very clearly she wasn't pregnant. Can't wear the outfits she was wearing and pull it off.

Check these out and see for yourself. Some of these pics I had never seen til recently.

Anonymous said...

With a closer look SP is not even kissing the baby.
She seems to be 'laying on the lips' to the cheek is all, for the photo-op.

Why does that 'baby' not even look 'real'...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've seen that pic before too. What's funny is the website you pulled it from, God Guts and Palin. He's actually got a countdown clock on there in days, hours and minutes on when Sarah Palin becomes president.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blade,

I was looking at and enlarging that photo last week for the same reason. I know only primitive ways to enlarge it (such as in MS Word) and thus it gets grainier as I enlarge. At any rate, I too cannot see the ear deformity in the picture but there is not enough clarity to rule it out.

I determined also that this photo appears to be from the baby shower because of SP's hair, earrings and clothes.

Currently, my take is that there is one Trig who had surgery (I was previously of the strong opinion that there were two babies) but I look at this photo and I go, "Twins?". I don't really think there are twins but this photo is puzzling.

Thanks for keeping at this.