Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Listen Up, Poor People! Sarah Palin Is Not Your Friend.


Recent polls show that Sarah Palin appeals to lower income Republicans and those without a college degree. They say they can relate to her and that she seems real.

Boy, is she pulling the wool over their eyes!

Now hear this, Palin fans! Yes, she will look you in the eye, shake hands with you, talk with you and seem so sincere.

It’s all an act. She wants you to think she is just an average American. Ask yourself these questions and then ask yourself again if she is really an average American.

  • Does the average American make over 12 million dollars a year?
  • Does the average American star in a reality television show?
  • Does the average American travel all over the U.S.A. and overseas?

Sarah Palin is not who you think she is. She will not be an advocate for the poor should she be elected President. Wise up and do not support the phony baloney.


A picture of average American Sarah Palin looking average at some event for average Americans and a picture of average American Sarah Palin standing next to her average seaplane which all average Americans own.





Some pictures of some of average American Sarah Palin’s average American homes. All average Americans own two or more homes.




One more thing. This post wouldn’t be complete without some pictures of Sarah, the average American pregnant woman.


Here she is at 30 and 32 weeks pregnant in 2008. Doesn’t she look just like an average American woman well into her third trimester of pregnancy should look?



For comparison I have included some pictures below of other women at 30 and 32 weeks pregnant respectively. Obviously they aren’t average because they look nothing like average American Sarah Palin at the same stages of pregnancy.




Now ask yourself this question. Are you an average American by Sarah Palin’s standards?


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