Friday, July 8, 2011

Sarah Palin’s Got Friends In Low…Uh… High Places


I’ve been reading all the discussions on Laura Novak’s blog of late. One thing that posters mention frequently is that Trig and Tripp’s birth certificates had to be supplied in order for them to receive payment from the Alaska Permanent Fund.

Also, frequently mentioned is that Tripp’s birthdate of December 27, 2008 is in the court records for the custody/child support case so it must be true.

I think everyone needs to keep in mind that Sarah had, and in fact still has, friends in positions of power in the state government of Alaska. Friends who could arrange for Trig and Tripp to receive their Alaska PFD checks even though their birth certificates weren’t furnished as required.

And who knows whether or not the court asked for Tripp’s birth certificate? I have no first-hand knowledge of child custody cases but even if birth certificates are usually submitted we have to remember who we’re talking about. It’s very possible the court took Bristol’s word on Tripp’s date of birth since Levi obviously didn’t dispute it.

I’m sure that both kids do have birth certificates but I don’t believe the information on them matches what the public has been told. Sarah’s buddies will protect and defend her to the end.


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