Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quick Update And An Announcement *UPDATE*


I am working on the post regarding the forms I received. Right now, the most likely date for publication will be Friday, August 5. If my physical condition allows I may have the post ready on Thursday, August 4.



Due to my ongoing health problems, I haven’t been writing new posts which I had planned. I apologize.

Now for the announcement. Awhile back I received some reports from a medical professional regarding treatment Sarah Palin received during her pregnancy. I have permission to share the information in the reports so long as I protect to confidentiality of my source. I have possession of the reports but due to the health professional’s signature and initials throughout the reports I will not be posting scans of the forms. I will however share all the details contained in the reports. There is a lot of very interesting information and I look forward to posting it.


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