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The Day Before Sarah Palin Announced Her Pregnancy She Stated The Opposite On These Forms *UPDATE*


Several people have pointed out that Palin was not in Alaska at the time indicated on the forms. Yes, I was aware that was supposedly the time period when she was returning from the conference in Los Angeles. However, we have to remember where the information about her schedule came from. There have been enough discrepancies in the past that I am not convinced that she wasn’t in Alaska in time to get that massage. If anyone has proof of Sarah Palin’s whereabouts on March 4, 2008 feel free to post or email me the information.

Observation: Think about this. Since this whole thing started nearly three years ago, one thing that never made sense were the pictures showing the ever-changing size of Sarah Palin’s supposedly pregnant belly.

We have collectively viewed thousands of pictures of her “gestation” that showed an unnatural pregnancy progression that appeared to go forward, reverse and forward again.

We all wondered why did this woman who was trying to fake a pregnancy not do a more convincing job. She was not a woman without the means to afford a decent empathy belly yet she was seen wearing long scarves over her clothes and heavy winter coats indoors at functions where they were inappropriate.

At first the coats and scarves were said to have been to disguise her pregnancy. Good excuse for that purpose but then why did they continue to show up after she announced her pregnancy.

I think the Lipodissolve injections mentioned on the forms below offer a plausible explanation. Sarah Palin was suffering from a sore abdomen due to the series of Lipodissolve injections she was receiving.

According to my source, who emailed me today, Sarah was scheduled for more injections. The clinician who administered the injections suggested she get the massage to help move things along as well as alleviate some of her pain before she received the next shot.

Sarah had a good quality empathy belly that she proudly showed off in the Gusty photos and a few other occasions when she wasn’t too sore to wear it. Other times she relied on flowing scarves and outer wear to appear pregnant but she failed miserably. Thank goodness for that failure that showed her fakery to those with their eyes open.





First, I apologize for my absence. It was not my intention to be away for so long but I have been ill with Strep Throat. I’m still not back to normal but I am feeling better.

So let’s get to it.

After retrieving the forms from my closet and finding that there wasn’t much redacting needed, I decided to go ahead and scan them.

I will be honest. I have only been online for a few minutes here and there over the past week. The information I am sharing could be old news by now or completely irrelevant due to other events re: the Palins. I haven’t had a chance to read the other blogs and knew if I started on them I would never get this post up today so I decided to write first and catch up on my reading later. I hope I am not singing an old song, so to speak.

Because I am not sure if the information on the scans of the forms will be easy to view, I will share what is written in on each form.

On the SOAP Notes, the client name is Sarah Palin. The date is not noted on this form but the time is 1:15 pm and the length of session is 50 minutes.

S Not able to relax, chronic pain in neck &abs,                                                   

O Pt is stiff, not able to touch toes, tender in abs, indicates not pregnant or urinary tract infection. Did receive stomach injections recently for weight loss.                  

A Firm & gentle pressures – scalenes (not legible to me) very sore.                      

P recommend see doc for ab pain & see Dr. M?????? for chiropractor eval.            

                                                                           Note: 10 min. heat treatment



PATIENT PROGRESS AND TREATMENT RECORDS has the name Palin, Sarah. The date column shows 3/4 with no year noted. Under the day column, the time is 1:16 pm. A “T” beneath the time indicates the day of the week. In 2008, March 4 fell on a Tuesday.

The notes are as follows:

Pt. complained of on going neck pain & ab pain. LPN Mercier recommended massage for stretching & relaxation. Pt very stiff, indicated received lipodissolve a few weeks ago – sore abs. Not relaxed during massage & not respond well to med or firm pressure. Liked heat therapy – 10 mins app. *Part of what follows is not entirely legible to me. I can make out Mercier and another name  followed by (Leeanne’s pt.)





Body Map lists the client as Sarah Palin. The date is blank.

Observations/Recommendations: Not able to relax, sore stomach, sore neck, can not touch toes – indicates not prg – no surgeries in last 3 yrs.

Range of Motion: 80%   Pain Threshold: Low is checked.

Client Preferences: lighter touch – kneading.          

Contraindications: on blood pressure meds – not sure for high/low* 

Indications: Neck shoulder stiff – feels like “whiplash” – 

The rest of the line is a bit illegible again. I can read Dr. M????? & LPN Mercier  and under their names it says something that could be cautious w/pt, continue w/pt or something else. I can’t be sure. There are areas circled on the body map. Some areas of the shoulder and neck are noted *very sore. Rectus abdominis is noted tender & told pt to see Doctor. (Doctor underlined for emphasis). There is something written at the bottom. I think I make out FB* & ABS but I can’t make the last part out. If the scans are clear enough, please feel free to take a crack at deciphering anything that I couldn’t.



So there you have it. I have freely shared what I was sent. If Sarah Palin had lipodissolve injections that could explain the pictures with what looks like pads or bandages under her clothes.

Discuss freely and as always please email me if there’s anything you want to share but don’t feel comfortable posting.



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