Monday, August 29, 2011

Is This Picture Really Trig? *Correction Update*


Just wanted to add that the person who sent me this composite said that the guy pictured kissing the baby in the leftmost picture on the bottom row is Track. Has anyone seen this pic of Track with the baby outside of this composite?


My apologies to the person who sent me these pictures. I realized after going back and re-reading the email that I took the statement that the bottom left picture was Track the wrong way. The person did say it was Sarah just zoomed in on Track. To me, the person kissing the baby looks like a male so I assumed that was Track and the baby was Trig.

I have often thought that Sarah has some masculine features but in that picture on the bottom left she really does look like a man and there is some discoloration around the chin and upper lip area that I perceived as beard. Sorry if my statement above has caused readers any confusion.


A reader sent two pictures to me. One is a composite of pictures of Ruffles/Trig. The reader thinks that it consistently shows one baby being presented as Trig. The other is a screenshot from Bristol’s facebook page which was sent as proof that the picture I question being Trig is really him.

I am also posting the most recent picture that I have seen of the boy that has been presented as Trig for some time now. It is the picture of him with Tripp.

After you look at the pictures, please post whether you think the boy pictured in the top row, far right in the composite is the same boy seen with Tripp. My opinion is that they are two different children. The boy in the composite, in my opinion, doesn’t look to have Down Syndrome. His face looks thinner as well as his neck. Also, feel free to comment on whether you think the babies pictured are all the same baby. I don’t think so.

If the child isn’t the Trig pictured with Tripp, who could he be? Ruffles maybe?

Please be frank with your opinions, whether you agree with me or not.

If you have Palin information to share, please email me.


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