Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is Sarah Palin Another Mommie Dearest?




Mommie Dearest is a well-known book which was also made into a movie about the actress Joan Crawford.

Christina Crawford, one of Joan’s children, claims that she was abused during Joan’s bout with alcoholism. She also claims her mother was more concerned about her motion picture career than the well-being of her four adopted children and that they may have been adopted for the publicity.

The above paragraph could be a description of Sarah Palin with just a few changes in the wording. It might read something like this.

Piper Palin, one of Sarah’s children, claims that she was abused during Sarah’s bout with alcoholism and/or drug addiction. She also claims her mother was more concerned about her political career than the well-being of her four natural children and that she faked a pregnancy and adopted her oldest daughter Bristol’s son Trig, who has Down Syndrome for the publicity.

It has been suggested that Joan Crawford suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder so I decided to do some research to determine if Sarah Palin might also have this disorder. The next paragraph is from a blog written by a child of a woman who has BPD.

My mother was always on a crusade. She will go after someone and keep on going until she has achieved her goal. Whether the crusade was having my 3rd grade teacher fired or the Dean of her university removed, my mother would spend countless hours scheming, planning, and going after their head. She will also occupy her time & thoughts with conspiracy theories: she believes my grandfather was murdered, and she thinks her mother-in-law was poisoned.

Sounds a lot like Sarah to me as does the following passage from another blog.

Christine Lawson in her book, Understanding The Borderline Mother, writes,

" Trust is a major issue between borderlines and their children. Children cannot trust the borderline mother for many reasons: (1) She is manipulative. (2) She distorts the truth and may even blatantly lie. (3) She may physically harm them. (4) She is unpredictable. (5) She overreacts. (6) She is impulsive. (7) She has poor judgment. (8) She has unreliable memory. (9) She is inconsistent. (10) She is intrusive. Like Alice who confided in the Cheshire Cat, children of borderlines may learn to trust a pet more than their own mother." p. 8

We have all seen evidence of Sarah exhibiting all of the above except for number 3. While I have never seen any evidence of Sarah physically abusing any of her children there are plenty of instances where she has been negligent such as endangering them by not making sure they wear seat belts while in moving vehicles.

There are distinct sub-types among people with Borderline Personality Disorder. I think Sarah Palin falls into two of the sub-types; the witch and the queen. You can read more here. The posts on the subject are in reverse order so you will need to go backwards through them to read about the witch and the queen. It’s very interesting and worth the time it takes.

I have said before that Sarah seems to have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Google the terms borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder and you will note there are many similarities between the two and Sarah seems to have characteristics of both.

For her children’s sake I hope she gets help before it’s too late but I have a feeling one day we’ll be reading the tell-all book by one of the Palin kids.




Amy said...

A couple observations with rebuttals from personal experience:

(1) She is manipulative. - not in an unhealthy fashion. most people I know including myself has this trait. pretty common in a general sense

(2) She distorts the truth and may even blatantly lie. - shes a politician with an agenda, who's quite likely being led by bigger forces. but ill give you this

(3) She may physically harm them. - ive spoken to several old friends and a few current good friends of Sarah via fb and ALL conclude Sarah is a "real sweetheart who would do anything for her friends"

(4) She is unpredictable. - dont see the point in this. a lot of people are spontaneous and that lifestyles becoming more common

(5) She overreacts. - shes protective and is slow to learn the media is going to do what it's going to do

(6) She is impulsive. - I blame the easily accessible twitter. other than that, I dont see it

(7) She has poor judgment. -I think shes naive yet cunning so ill give you this

(8) She has unreliable memory. - I met her at a 08 campaign function in a private home and later during her first book tour she remembered my name and specific details id told her back then. plus there's all kinds of internet evidence during her gov days where people say shes excellent at multitasking and has a razor sharp memory

(9) She is inconsistent. - eh, dont see it.

(10) She is intrusive - to conclude this, we'd have to know her personally. She seems to be ok with letting people live their own lives and make their own mistakes though she did do all she could to stop B and L's relationship. again, we dont know hardly anything about how she is at home. I know the compound is always hopping with guests

Anonymous said...

I turned on for a few minutes and I noticed in her 'gold' episode how she nearly pushed the small girls out of the way so she could 'get in there and do it' whatever they were doing, melting it I guess.
She is the child, she'll always be the juvenile child with arrested development.
Her daughters look at her as tho to ask:
Why are you acting so phony?

I suspect she is quite mommy-dearest
around her family, she never shuts her mouth one can safely assume she talks and no one listens until she gets mean-girl. All she ever has to say is snark; time after time, snark and nothing but snark.

Anonymous said...

Ive never seen such poor rapport as this woman and her kids.
They clearly do not like her, and no amount of fake happy changes that.
She seems to be one who, upon a child being old enough to dis her she would have a new small child to push around dominate and 'get love from'.
Soon Piper will loathe her. Very soon, since Piper has grown up quickly being on tv so much.

Anonymous said...

After reading Levi's interview in Vanity Fair I couldn't stop thinking about what a bizarre and horrible mother Palin is. Levi said Palin would go to her room after getting home from work and stay there all night, not making dinner, helping kids with their homework or interacting with the family she created. That she had a wierd sense of humor and would want to hold Tripp and not "the retarded one" Trig.

He said Bristol & Willow had to help care for Piper and Trig and that the kids were left to fend for themselves, had to do their own laundry, prepare their meals and get ready for school without parental help or support. He said Todd was often gone or out drinking beer in the garage and had little involvement as well.

What a depressing household! How does a woman with 5 kids, one being a special needs baby, just check out of her responsibilities of running a family? And for her to have a show and write books about her devotion to family is so opposite from reality that her kids' heads must be spinning from total brain shock. When Palin puts on her greatest mother act when cameras are rolling, it must make those kids, who have been so neglected by this narssist, unbelievably angry, and the tension and unusual relationships are apparent during the show.

Heidi3 said...

Thank you for your competent research, Blade. It was worth the time you took to compile it, and I appreciate it very much. I, too, believe we will one day see a "Mommy Dearest" book, and I think it will come from Piper (ghostwritten, of course, as we see no evidence of Piper receiving an adequate education). Thanks for another great post.

Jolly Roger said...

Amy.... just about any parent who has seen her interact with her kids knows that she's not got an ounce of warmth in her. She goes through the motions. It is silly for her apologists to continue to try to pretend otherwise. She holds little Trig like you'd hold a loaf of bread, and frequently seems almost annoyed when having to deal with one of her kids.

But, if your reconstruction of Mama Grifter makes you feel better about your support for her, hang onto it, I guess.

ManxMamma said...

Well done Blade. And it's sad but true.

Amy said...

If you say so, but I've met most of the immediate and extended family and they are pretty charming and fun. It helps when you work for a local GOP org. I worked one of her book tour stops during both tours and she is incredibly loving. Don't judge until you have firsthand experience. Didn't we all learn that in 1st grade?

conscious at last said...

Amy @7:20AM & 6:48 PM -

You are either a delusional enabler or a paid "crafty commenter." In either case, we are well beyond this point. It is time for YOU to wake up. Most of us have been aware of who and what Sarah Palin is for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

In the wake of Saturday's massacre, I would like to remind people that Sarah Palin published the address of a sitting judge in an effort to encourage harassment and intimidation of him. I believe the judge was presiding over Bristol's custody hearing.

Blade said...

Amy - It's hard to tell from your comments so I am just going to ask you - have you met Sarah? I think her friends "go along" with her desire to be considered a real sweetheart, etc. so not to suffer her wrath. She seems to me to lack any empathy for others. She just comes off as cold. As for her memory perhaps it is sharp but she changes the details of Trig's birth every so often. I guess when the memories aren't real it is hard to keep track of what was said. The truth never changes. That is one thing that convinces me that she is lying about giving birth to Trig. A woman isn't going to forget where she gave birth or how far along in a pg she was when she delivered. I do thank you for being polite in your defense of Sarah but I still think it's undeserved.


Anonymous said...

I think she is narcissistic but not borderline.

Anonymous said...

She has allowed her oldest three children to live with other families when they are teens rather than taking care of them herself. Track went to Michigan during high school to play hockey. Bristol went to live with Sarah's sister in Anchorage. And now Willow stays with the Fuller family because Sarah and Todd are travelling so much. Sarah does not put her children first. Also, on the show, it is sad that Sarah's children don't seem to like or respect her.

Ginger said...

Yes, Blade, I too would put her in the category of a "Mommie Dearest!" It's tragic what she is doing to her children. However, what she is doing to our country, is worse.

On a previous thread "View From the Other Side," an Anon on Dec. 21, 2010 9:08 AM, thought you should focus less on Babygate and more on her other scandals.

Apparently, he/she was an Alaskan and I responded because I didn't agree. This Anon came right back at me and I meekly made one last reply.

In light of what happened last Saturday, it is interesting to read these comments.

Anonymous said...

@Amy @6:48 and &7:20 - are you a member of the AIP, too, like other members of the Palin family? Or are you only in the AK GOP?

AKRNC said...

If you want a good idea of how Todd & Willow react to Sarah, all you had to do was watch the recent clip of her trying to pretend her "refudiation" nonsense was just a typo. She's in the car talking to them and they completely ignore her while she prattles on about how "important" her new word is as it is being looked up on Google. Little does she realize that people are looking it up because they can't believe someone would make such a stupid mistake because it is most assuredly not a typo based on any keyboard I've seen. Palin said she typed an "f" when she meant "d" despite the fact that would not be a word either. No matter what she says, her family didn't give a damn.

One of the key moments regarding her phony behavior came during the campaign in 2008 when her daughter asked her why she was pretending to be someone she's not when she was praying openly before going onstage. When your own kids call you out for being a phony, you've been outed.

Nomad said...

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Keep smiling!