Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Puzzling Picture UPDATE


This update is to clear up a few things that seem to be confusing some readers and add information pertaining to some comments.

  • The picture of Sarah wearing the pink sweater wasn’t taken at Tripp’s 2nd birthday party. It’s just part of a slideshow featuring pictures of Tripp over the past two years. The caption says Sarah and Tripp.
  • The picture with the cake is one from the May 3rd, 2008 baby shower. My reason for putting it in the side by side is to show that it’s possibly the same baby in both pictures.

I also have a couple of more pictures I want to add.

The first addresses a comment by a reader suggesting that the baby in the picture where Sarah is wearing the pink sweater might be the daughter of Alaska State Senator Gretchen Guess. That baby was born in Feb. 2005 and doesn’t resemble the baby Sarah is holding to me.



The next picture is regarding dating the photo by comparing Sarah’s eyeglasses. The picture on the left is from March 8, 2008. The one on the right is from March 29, 2008. The eyeglasses Sarah is wearing in the picture on the right look to be the same as in the picture where she is holding the baby. I have seen pictures where she is wearing those eyeglasses in 2007. Search for Sarah Palin at and you will find several. Obviously, Sarah switches between the various pairs of eyeglasses she owns. Ironically, in the photo on the right Sarah is pictured with a pregnant Willow Olson, who gave birth to her second son on July 20th, 2008. The pictures below are located at which continues to be a valuable source of information.




Please keep the comments and suggestions about the baby pictured below coming. Email me if you would like to share something with me privately. In spite of what the commenter T said, I don’t believe it’s just some random baby. I think there is a good possibility that baby is Ruffles and that Ruffles is a girl.


Recently this picture was brought to my attention.




It is part of a slideshow celebrating Tripp’s 2nd birthday at this website. The caption on the photo says “Sarah and Tripp”.

This baby doesn’t look like Tripp to me. I have looked at many pictures of Tripp over the last few days and can’t find even one where he looks like this.

The person who sent me the link to the slideshow doesn’t think it’s Tripp, either. They also contacted Patrick at Palingates regarding the picture.

Patrick’s reply was that he’s 99% sure that the picture is of Sarah holding Alaska State Senator Donald “Donny” Olson’s daughter. Palingates almost always has the facts but the problem is that Olson has no daughter. He has three sons. Colby, Martin and Donald Jr.

While doing research in an attempt to identify the baby in the photo above, I clicked the photo gallery link on Notice that at one time there were several pictures of Sarah Palin on the page but all of them have been removed. I wonder what’s up with that?

However, upon further research, I found this .pdf. Scroll down a little and there is a picture of Sarah holding Martin Olson. Martin doesn’t look like the baby in the picture above.

Willow Olson’s Twitter  and Facebook accounts show pictures of her two sons.  Donald Jr. is the youngest. He doesn’t look like the baby in the photo, either.

Colby has a Facebook account that rules out any possibility of him being the baby held by Sarah. So who is the baby in Sarah’s arms?

The person who sent me the link suggested that the baby could be an older Ruffles.

Here is a side by side for comparison. I think it is definitely possible that both pictures are of the same baby.





One more thing about the picture on the right. Is the baby wearing a pink sweater? Perhaps Ruffles is or was a girl after all.

Please share your opinions about this picture and if anyone has information about it, please email me.






Anonymous said...

The glasses are the ones she was wearing before she got her designer frames. The sweater does look pink. I think this must be an older picture before Ruffles, Trig and Tripp...

Anonymous said...

I admit I am not good at comparing photos unless there is an obvious difference in them. But has anyone enlarged the photo with the cake to see what is written on it, also the way it is being held by Toad looks if it was photoshopped/altered in some way.

Anonymous said...

That cake looks like it says Trig on it.

Sarah's left ear looks kind of ruffly, itself, in that picture on the right.


Anonymous said...

Me again... just wanted to note there was a visitor from Wasilla looking at the site a minute ago!

Jill said...

Very intriguing, Blade!

Those are her older glasses, but she was wearing them frequently in the time frame in question and even continued to wear them sometimes well after that.

That is a pink blanket, and even ruffly pants? - so definitely a girl baby, which rules out it being the Olsons' baby.

And I see a LOT of compatibility with the Ruffles baby.

Anonymous said...

That is definitely an older picture. Both Todd and Sarah look younger. Sarah is not as thin as she is now. And the cake says Welcome Trig Paxson Van Palin on it. The two babies look like they could be the same, but it's hard to tell for sure. It could possibly be Ruffles after he or she filled out a little more. It is indeed puzzling. Any idea where the picture on the left was taken?

Anonymous said...

The cake definitely says "Trig."

Anonymous said...

I'm going with a different timeframe.

Different glasses, plus the cut & color of her hair are a little different. In the cake photo she has wispier bangs and highlighted hair. If the closeup is a few weeks later, her bangs would still show the highlights.

The babies do look a lot alike. Maybe the baby in pink is a niece?

Anonymous said...

I agree, the cake looks shopped in.

conscious at last said...

Wow- good find. People can change glasses or
hair styles quickly. We know SP is always adding bumpits, hair pieces, etc. So we cannot use those differences to determine too much. However, the baby's features and how they might change over time ARE good indicators. It does seem possible that the photo on the right might be "Ruffles" as he/she is getting more mature.
We would benefit from some good photo detection.

Also, it seems strange that Todd would be holding such a large cake on his lap when I'd imagine there were tables available.

T said...

That is not 'ruffles'. That is a random baby Sarah is holding. Ruffles aka triggybear is the same Trig we see today. I forgot where I once saw that pic, but it had a caption that mentioned it was of a random person's baby

Anonymous said...

The photo on the left of Trig is from the Monday that Sarah returned to work after his "birth".

Anonymous said...

I think I know who's baby that is - former Alaska Senator Gretchen Guess (story below). She gave birth right before Sarah (haha). I know I've seen this picture before.

Pregnant senator ordered to bed rest

ANCHORAGE - State Sen. Gretchen Guess said Sunday she won't be in Juneau at the start of the Alaska Legislative session today. Her doctor has ordered her to stay in bed in Anchorage.

Guess, a Democrat, is eight months pregnant. She said she'll stay in Anchorage until her doctor allows her to travel or until her baby is born. She's due in mid-February.

"I take my legislative job seriously, but I hope people will understand I need to do what is in the best interest of my baby's health," she said.

The senator and her husband, Jeff Tyson, had planned to have their baby in Juneau. She's already moved her car and belongings there.

Now Guess plans to do her job by phone. State law allows all actions to be done by phone, except for voting on the floor and moving bills from committee.

Anonymous said...

Besides, Donny Olson is an older guy and I don't think he has any kids that small.

Anonymous said...

Well, the caption is sure wrong, that's one thing. NO WAY that is a baby that is 2 years old-- premie or not. "Babies" that are two years old are walking, talking, running little toddlers. They are sock-wearing, tiny little things that don't look like they can stand by themselves. I'm no expert, but I'd say that baby is no more than 5 or 6 months old, tops. Google babies and you can compare for yourself.

I am 90% sure I see pink, but it could be the lighting. But those ruffled pants = girl. Period.

So what 5 month old girl would be at Tripp's 2nd birthday party? Or was this taken at a different time entirely?


Jill said...

This is very interesting. As I'm sure you know, the website that posted this photo is primarily run by a long-time Palin Super Fan (for lack of a better description). Here is her personal site:

As you can see, she has posted quite a few personal photos that she has taken or otherwise acquired of the Palins.

So where did this woman get this photo, and why does she have it posted as a photo of Sarah and Tripp?

Ginger said...

We only saw Ruffles twice. Once in a picture taken in the Palin kitchen being held by Mercede. And then, they used him for the baby shower because the baby was much smaller and looked more like the premie Trig was suppose to be.

Why didn't they use Ruffles again? That was in May, 2008 and we never saw him after that. Many people asked what happened to him. He was so frail looking and I remember so many comments that he was an FAS baby. Some of these questions were asked by doctors and people in the medical field. They used a picture from this baby shower, of Sarah holding Ruffles, on the cover of a tabloid. To this day, I wonder about him and hope he is O.K.

Did they have a party for Tripp? They made "big bucks" from his party last year when he turned one. All the pictures in the slide show are old. Maybe they are saving pictures from his current party to sell to the mags.

To answer your question, I agree with others here that she is holding some other child. They probably did this on purpose because the Palins love to do this kind of stuff and throw red herrings out. Just their style!

olivia said...

That cake is photoshopped in. The proportion is all wrong and the angle is wrong too.

Anonymous said...

This blog post is pointless. Sarah no doubt has friends with babies. I first saw that picture on the internet (i think under a section where the public could submit photos). There really is no evidence that more than 2 Trigs exist. Ruffles/triggybear looks like Trig today.

I will say that the photo of Levi, his dad and supposedly Tripp looks off. Tripp was pretty small the day he was born (small head). In that picture, that baby has a wide face. But camera angles mean a lot.

This is distracting from important matters.

Anonymous said...

Too many people are in and out of the Palin home and interact with Trig for there to be anything fishy going on. Thats all I will say.

conscious at last said...


Perhaps you have discovered something important. I say this because we seem to have a slow, but growing number of "naysayers."

Anonymous said...

It's probably easiest to research what babies were born during the same general timeframe, at hospitals in the surrounding areas. Find out if Sarah knows any of these people, or maybe it's a Palin supporter who wanted their baby's picture taken with Sarah.

I think it's very telling to read the story of Gretchen Guess, who took the proper steps to follow her doctor's instructions and put the health of her baby first. While Sarah was suppossedly flying around with leaking amnio fluid!

Anonymous said...


how many babies ARE there in the compound?

Anonymous said...

Is it iPhoto or some other software that has 'face recognition'? I wonder if it would be possible to run all the baby pictures thru it and see what it determines to be same and different babies? Or perhaps some more hitech professional crime software that could be purchased thru donations and used to identify key facial dimensions that differ?

Crystal Sage said...

This baby looks like the "Trig" that the grandparents held in a picture taken at the hospital. Looks aboringinal to me. Looks like a boy though even with the pink sweater and ruffled pants.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the babies, but that cake is definitely photoshopped in. When did you ever see a birthday cake picture- particularly a half-sheet cake as that is, not taken with a table? You put it on a table and prop up the top edge a bit so it shows on camera. Sheet cakes that size are heavy and nobody wants them to slip off and hit the floor. Whatever Tawd was holding when they got that picture, it wasn't a cake. I'm trying to figure out what he would have been holding like that, with his shoulders thrown back and his right hand extended. Maybe a fish? They photoshopped him in from the waist up?


Anonymous said...

I zoomed in on that cake to look at the pixels. There are are a few lines at the top that are completely straight, but the bottom is tilted.

Anonymous said...

Besides a lot of babies in the compound, there are a lot of Downs Syndrome children. Remember the 6 or 8 year old "cousin" she visited for the first time. on the TLC show and took for a ride in the plane? Then a few weeks later there is footage of a full sized young man with DS at an Anchorage book signing giving Grandpa Heath a hug. He said to a blogger at that event, "I'm the real cousin!"

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

how many babies ARE there in the compound?
January 15, 2011 8:11 AM"

Maybe they have a sex slave in the basement. Do they
have maid or nannies?

Anonymous said...

There are two toddlers in the Palin family: Trig and Tripp. That is all. Let's stop with the idle guessing. There's no proof of more and there are plenty of pics of both those two boys

Ginger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginger said...

To: Anon Jan. 17, 2011 1:54 PM

Having pictures of children, has nothing to do with their parentage!

Anonymous said...

Yes but too many people visit and spend copious amounts of time at the Palin home for there to be any other babies. Besides, BRistol was not pregnantbefore Tripp and never after.

Anonymous said...

Cake is tottaly shopped in. Look at Tood's right hand (left in the photo) it is flat - not holding the edge of the cake. Like he was saying 'who knows?' (who really does know Tood?)and both hands splayed in front of him. I think you find that cake in Sarah's kitchen at the real shower. Look at his left arm - if you follow where his hand would be - it's too far out. And his belly would be in the frosting.

Ginger said...

To: Anon Jan. 18, 2011 5:34 AM

You seem to have inside information about the Palins, if you know who's coming and going. Besides, whatever would that have to do with who is inside the house?

I agree Bristol has only given birth to one child. However, from my two years of study and research, that child is Trig..."not Tripp." The evidence is overwhelming she was out of school and there is not one picture of her between the event in New York (Oct., 2007) until she walked out of Mat-Su Hospital, with her parents and siblings, on April 19, 2008. KTUU was parked across the street taking pictures.

There is also evidence that Ruffles and Trig are two different babies. Haven't you seen the pictures over at Gryphens? That baby that Mercede is holding in the Palin's kitchen, is not Trig. I'm sure it is the baby of one of Mercede's girlfriends.

Furthermore, I have not found one sliver of evidence Bristol was pregnant in May, June, July or August of 2008. Not until the RNC annnounced it did we find out she was pg. This was a brilliant move on their part and stopped the rumors "cold."

You say, "Bristol was not pregnant before Tripp nor after." Can you offer us any evidence of this? How about the name of the doctor that delivered Tripp? Or, the name of the baby we call Ruffles? Anything, please!


Anonymous said...

Let me try this again. I was the one that said the baby in the light colored sweater was Gretchen Guess's bay. I was wrong and sorry for the time wasting. I think that baby belongs to Mary Nelson. (see notes from ADN below). I remember seeing this photo after Mary had her baby and brought it to the capital. Someone took a photo of Palin holding it.
"Really? No!" said Bethel state Rep. Mary Nelson, who is close to giving birth herself.

"It's wonderful. She's very well-disguised," said Senate President Lyda Green, a mother of three who has sometimes sparred with Palin politically. "When I was five months pregnant, there was absolutely no question that I was with child."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

oops - I meant to type "baby" up there!

Anonymous said...

so sarah had a baby and then went and got herself a french manicure for the party?


are those her "i just had a baby and my breasts are full of milk" breasts or just normal ones?

these are questions that i would like answered.