Sunday, January 30, 2011

Borrowed Babies?


Since the very beginning of Babygate there has always been the question: Did Sarah Palin borrow one or more babies and present them as Trig?

Some find it a very unlikely scenario. What woman would allow someone else to pretend to be the mother of her baby? Especially a tiny, rather fragile baby like the one referred to as Ruffles.

Others believe that a borrowed baby is definitely a possibility. A borrowed baby explains why the baby in the Triggybear pictures looks very different from the baby the Heaths are holding at the hospital.


I am with the latter group. I believe that Sarah did borrow Ruffles. But why would someone allow Sarah Palin to use their infant in such a way?


Possibly a mother strapped for cash would consider such a deal but I really don’t think that is the case.

I think a much more likely explanation is that Sarah’s good friend, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson helped her obtain an infant to play the part of Trig when the real Trig was too sick to be trotted out for photo ops.

Why wouldn’t Sarah just say that Trig was ill?

Because then her reported actions during The Wild Ride would have been called dangerous and stupid. Also, she really wanted to be seen with a precious bundle of joy during that time period to cement her reputation as a pro-life wonder woman in the minds of Christian Evangelicals. The VP nomination was at stake.

So CBJ was called on once again to help Sarah out.

The doctor, who works with sexually abused children, could easily have had access to babies born to her clients who were being put up for adoption. I believe that may be how Sarah obtained Ruffles and why that baby was only seen for a short while. His or her adoption went through.

I really hope Ruffles was adopted because the alternative sends cold chills up my spine.



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