Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Defense of Shailey Tripp…


In the comments to my last post someone asked me if I regretted writing Boys Will Be Boys with Shailey. The answer is no. It was a great experience for me. Shailey has been nothing but sincere and honest.

She did share with me what her plans are and I can tell everyone who thinks she has been paid off that nothing could be further from the truth. Her reason is very unselfish and Shailey is greatly upset and hurt by those allegations.

I am not at liberty to divulge the reason that Shailey has to delete her site but believe me, it is very important, not just for Shailey but for many others as well.

I hope everyone will wish her well and know that if she is able to achieve the goal she is striving for all of you will be very proud of her.

Shailey is definitely the un-Sarah!

Personal note: The battle with the insurance company will continue Monday. Hubby has had to get rides to the E.R. today to get his shot because our gas tank is now sitting nearly on E. I am thinking of calling a personal injury lawyer Monday and see if we have any kind of case against Lily or the the insurance company. I really only want hubby to be able to get his insulin. Thanks for all the advice.

Hubby still has pens for sale if anyone would like to purchase. Graduations and wedding season is just around the corner. If there is a color or color combo that isn’t available on hubby’s site, email him via the contact us link on the site and he may be able to make a custom one for you.



Nyah said...

Vicki I'm truly glad Shailey has you on her side, but I think there's a major disconnect here. The issue is not that Shailey is choosing to close her blog- its the way she handled announcing it.

If her new opportunity requires that she close her blog, why not just SAY that at the outset?

The main issue here is not that Shailey has been strenuously encouraging everyone to direct people to her blog and now that so many of us have done just that, we look like fools.

Things happen, life changes- that's not so much a big deal. Shailey could always put up a page on the blog link referring visitors to purchase the book.

The issue is that she initially gave NO REASON at all for closing her blog except for "this chapter is closed" and then became angry with us for asking what was the obvious question to EVERYONE- was there a payoff?

Shailey needs to look at things from our point of view.

- she only recently expounded upon her blog being a great outlet for her and how she was so grateful for this avenue by which to help people

- she has exclaimed again and again that she will not be silenced

- only hours before announcing the blog shutdown, she wrote extensively about a family often referred to as "the arctic sopranos" or "Eskimo mafia"- a family with money and power who recently vocalized an intense hatred of the Palin related spotlight.

Now seriously- it would have been negligent for any of us who care about Shailey and her children to NOT consider that someone could be manipulating her. After all, it was Shailey's own words echoing in our heads- in her book she says NOW she knows when an opportunity that is too good to be true falls in your lap, it IS too good to be true. And while this new opportunity she speaks of may not have "fallen in her lap", to all of us it seemed that way.

Since Shailey has closed the comments on her post (a grievous error to her ardent supporters who have given time, money, and passion toward her cause) I can only say this to her here-

Shailey, I beg of you to consider that you possibly mishandled this situation. You don't need to be sorry for accepting opportunities- that's what we all DESPERATELY want for you! But I do think you should consider how we all felt when it seemed like you just said "I quit" with no reason given.

You don't owe us details, private information, or personal reasons. But I think you do owe us the truth up front- simply saying "this is a great opportunity but unfortunately it necessitates me closing down my blog for reasons I will definitely explain later" would have gone a lot further than just casually mentioning "last post!", "blog closing!" and then acting offended when we were worried something might not be as it seemed.

I still hope the best for you, Shailey. Not just "enough", but "the best". It's what you deserve.

AnonByChoice said...

Nyah said it all. I agree 100% and it's very sad that Shailey can't see it from our point of view. Didn't she think people would have this reaction? Come on! She asked us for help: for money, for buying her book and for getting the word out and many responded! It's not like the book has been out there for a year!!!
Closing the blog with no real explanation is a slap in the face to all of her supporters. And she said she didn't deserve our questions? Almost every comment wished her well but just wanted an explanation for DELETING the blog. We still don't know why she has to delete it. Why not leave it there?? And asking us again for money in this post? You know many of us our hurting too.
I do wish her the best. I do! But I understand completely why many feel upset and used.