Thursday, April 5, 2012

Babygate – View From Across The Pond

Guest Post by Imogen
I can remember hearing that Sarah Palin had had her baby. US politics do not feature heavily in the UK, except at election time, and Palin had really made an impression over here – largely for her toe-curlingly awful interview with Katy Couric. The nation was frankly open mouthed in disbelief that this woman was running as the vice presidential candidate on the McCain ticket. What was he thinking? Whilst she can put on a polished and assured performance when scripted, this bared all before the watching world. She wasn’t really sure what she was talking about. ‘If he became President, and then died in a plane crash, she would be running the United States!’ someone gasped after ‘that’ interview. It was a truly chilling moment. It couldn’t be allowed to happen. America would not let it happen. Who was she anyway? Odd Behaviour We heard little more about Palin over here, until the affairs gossip and the rumours of the vendetta against the brother-in-law. Alarm bells started to go off, but we all thought she’d disappear into the world of showbiz, after hearing about the ‘reality show’. Probably more suited to that, we thought, charitably. There was the ‘Pray The Gay Away’ unpleasantness, and the shooting of animals for pleasure, which don’t go down well in the UK, so she was not of any particular interest, apart from when that hilarious video of her being interviewed on the turkey farm surfaced. But then, there was the story of the Wild Ride. That is when I started to think we had someone distinctly odd in power over in Alaska. Nick Broomfield It was only when I saw the recent Nick Broomfield documentary that Sarah Palin began to frighten me. What emerged was a portrait of a very disturbed woman, who was in fact quite dangerous. There was something that came across from those who knew her – a sort of shifting of gaze when they spoke about her. An anxiety. A sense that they were worried or troubled by her on some level. There was the Pastor who believed wholeheartedly that she would have absolutely no compunction about launching a nuke, as she believed she was sent by God. That was really chilling. The woman that we saw sketched out in the stories of those she had crossed – the neighbours, the employees, the former friends – was nothing like a warm and caring ‘Mom’, as I understand the word. What emerged was the feeling that she was ruthless, driven, disordered and capable of just about anything to get her own way. While the rest of the US are worrying about finding the best savings account, paying rent and holding onto our jobs, Sarah Palin is planning her next strategic move. She’s no normal Mom. She’s a machine. Baby gate When I began reading about Babygate I was astonished.  Would it really be possible for Palin to fake a pregnancy? How could she do that? What was the story with poor old Bristol, and her boyfriend? Were his stories about how she ignored the children true? I could believe it, yes. Could I really believe her story about the Wild Ride? Well, it came from her own mouth, and was utterly horrifying.  She waited to finish a speech after her waters broke? Didn’t she know that the moment a woman’s waters break there is no protection surrounding the baby any longer, and that she needs to remain in one place, just so that there is less danger of infection? I had been told this as a basic in antenatal class. Once your waters break, get to hospital. But she waited, then got on a plane? Then took an hour long car journey, whilst in labour? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What negligence. She wanted to come across as tough and hardy, but these actions were insanely dangerous to her unborn preterm child. She knew the child was a Downs Syndrome baby, and that it was going to be born prematurely, and yet she boarded a plane? She delayed getting to hospital to finish a speech? This is not normal behaviour, by any measure. After four previous children the likelihood is that her fifth would be born very quickly – almost certainly en route in this situation. Why would she risk that? The question must be asked. I believe she does not share the same maternal feelings as most women, and yet I find this ‘Wild Ride’ story really shocking. It’s almost as if she wanted harm to befall that baby. Welcome Trig! Poor little Trig. What a dear little soul he looks. Imagine being born with Sarah Palin as a Mom. If she is his Mom that is. Looking on this site and reading around the topic of Babygate, I am beginning to have serious doubts about Trig’s parentage. The photos of her non-existent bump are compelling. The timings, and the personal testimonies of Shailey Tripp and the air stewardesses on the plane, who said they saw no evidence of Palin being in labour whatsoever; the secrecy; the strange case of Bristol Palin, the anomalies mount up and up. Will we ever know the truth? I doubt it. The Nick Broomfield documentary left me in no doubt that this woman was a powerful enemy. Those who speak out against Palin tend to regret it. She will have covered her tracks well, like removing those photos from her website. Something is not right with Sarah Palin. And it’s more than her lack of knowledge of foreign affairs.

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