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Does New Photographic Evidence Show A Pregnant Bristol In November 2007?


Politicalgates shared a new photo this week that they received recently. I received this photo as well. It was accompanied by a lengthy email in which the writer tried to convince me that Bristol was not pregnant in 2007. I replied to their email and we began a back and forth correspondence. Here is the picture that I received. I’m sure most of you have seen it by now.

Hawaii november 2007

Side note: The person standing to Bristol’s right was identified by the sender of the email as a Minnick relative.

The string of emails that I received began after my previous post in which I theorize that Trig and Tripp might possibly be fraternal twins. The sender tried so hard to convince me that Bristol was not pregnant in 2007 but I’m not buying what they are selling.

When I look at this picture of Bristol, I see a young woman who is possibly in her fourth month of pregnancy. This fits with a premature birth in December or January.

The person who sent me the emails and pictures doesn’t deny that Sarah isn’t Trig’s birth mother but she is all about convincing us that Trig was acquired randomly. Again, I am not buying. Trig is most likely Bristol’s son and I still think it is very possible that Trig and Tripp are fraternal twins.

I have another picture to share. It is a composite of pictures of Bristol from 2007. Some of them have been seen before; some are new to me. This composite was supposed to prove that Bristol was not pregnant in 2007. To me it proves the opposite.



In the September 8th Homecoming picture, Bristol is wearing the same dress as in the Hawaii picture. Notice how the dress hangs in September. Straight down with her bust much more prominent than her abdomen. In the November picture, her abdomen is protruding and you can see a fullness that wasn’t present in September. When I pointed that out to the person that emailed me, they replied that Bristol was leaning inward in the September picture which is why the dress appears to hang differently. I don’t think she is really leaning inward but she may be leaning against a wall or door facing. In any case, I don’t think that would account for the difference in the way the dress fits in the abdominal region.

Below are some of the replies I received when I pointed out the difference in the way the dress fits in those two pictures. The replies from the person who emailed me are in bold italics so readers can more easily distinguish them from my remarks about the content of her emails.

“How do they hang differently? You see the same folds across the middle in both. There's no belly in either pic. She's even distributed all the way around, as woman are. In the TRL pics, when she's sitting, if you darken the picture and play with color, you can see a crinkle/fold in her shirt across the abdomen. And the more you harp on Tripp being born ONE YEAR earlier, the more you appear unhinged.”

I don’t see the same folds in both pictures. I do see a belly in the Hawaii photo and I wonder why she is so defensive about my theory on Trig and Tripp being twins that she calls me “unhinged”. Why would she bother trying to convince someone that she considers “unhinged” into believing that Bristol wasn’t pregnant in 2007?

“Think what you want. 2 months in what would HAVE to be a second trimester would look differently than that, more pronounced.” 

I wonder why this woman says Bristol would have to be 2 months in her second trimester? Why couldn’t she be in the first month of her second trimester or the last month of her first trimester?

“Your twin theory is ABSURD and makes truthers look stupid. Any wonder why you're the only person who's mentioned this theory as certainty? Twins make a bigger baby bump, even at 24 weeks. People need to look at things from beginning to end, not pick and choose. You cant say Bristol was more along with Tripp than announced and ignore her flat belly in early June 08. You can't say she wasnt as far along and ignore her belly circa month 7 (Oct). If you put pics together consecutively, there's a natural progression. She was on campaign trail plenty to do this efficiently. I don't understand why people can't see the following theory as common sense:

A number of people have said the Palin kids were speculating that she was pregnant before her announcement. Local media picked up on this too. (doesn't make it real, but it makes her performance believable.) Because Sarah didn't tell anyone but 3 staffers beforehand, of course the kids are going to be confused and angry. Here is Bristol, a girl with an obvious maternal nature, who was kept in the dark about a baby coming into her family. This is a girl who I believe would have discussed parenthood in the past as something she wanted to strive for earlier than some others, though I'd say the majority of teens in smal towns and there in Alaska strive to start families by 18 or 20. Several of Bristol's friends have multiple children. So, add to Bristol's discussions on motherhood and babies the announcement that her mother is pregnant, and VOILA, you have rumors galore. It would only anger Bristol to have people think the baby is hers when she wants one more than anything - to keep up with her friends and /or soothe a baby itch. Bristol was telling peopl she was pregnant even before she knew for sure, in April 2008. 

And the attached 2 pictures are of children who look nothing alike, at least to me. One could say most babies resemble each other, but there are obvious differences between these two. According to everyone who saw Trig in infancy, friends and family, he was a tiny and believable preemie.

If people like Sherry Whitstine say things like, "no one in the valley thinks Trig is Sarah or Bristol's, how does that change things for you?" The weird theories are coming from outside Alaska, which is flawed right there.

I wonder why she mentions 24 weeks? I never said anything abut 24 weeks. The 2 attached photos or of Trig and Tripp are pictures that we’ve all seen numerous times so I won’t post them here. I did remind her that fraternal twins do not resemble each other anymore than siblings born apart do and many siblings look nothing alike. I have never said that I am certain that Trig and Tripp are twins. I always say that is a theory of mine.I don’t understand what she means by “The weird theories are coming from outside Alaska, which is flawed right there.” Should weird theories come from Alaska?

“I'm aware I have said Bristol doesn't need defending. I stand by that assertion. And really, I don't even feel the need to voice an opinion about babygate in general as I don't care about it. Too many other more important things happening in the country that are being ignored because of political bias, things that hav enothing to do with Sarah Palin.

However, I can't help but voice an opinion when I see someone or a group go off on some nonsensical discussion that holds little to no water.

I didn't receive a picture attachment, but am assuming you're talking about this the Greta video, in which Tripp would be about  7 weeks. Here's another one, one I cannot accurately date, but one that looks nothing like Trig. The one at the hockey game (3rd attachment) is dated May 23rd.

Here's a comparison. My niece was born this past Dec 20th, 7 days before Tripp's bday. She weighed 6lb 6 oz. Here she is on Feb 4th. (4th attachment)

I ask people, esp those who've children, to think about the 2 month difference between the Sept 8th picture (homecoming) and the ~Nov 12 picture. That alone kind of takes out the twin theory.

And for a second pregnancy, she would have shown far sooner. I personally had a very pronounced belly by week 11. I looked like I did at 30 weeks with my first. I am 5'4" and average size. (5th attachment)”

The pictures she refers to aren’t important (except for the picture of her pregnant which I post below) so I didn’t post them.

Why does she think this statement takes out the twin theory? “ I ask people, esp those who've children, to think about the 2 month difference between the Sept 8th picture (homecoming) and the ~Nov 12 picture. That alone kind of takes out the twin theory.” A picture of a pregnant woman before she begins to show and one in which she is showing a bit does not prove that she didn’t give birth to twins.

“I never said I think Sarah is Trig's biological mother. I just fully believe Bristol is not. It's a gut feeling from looking at everything individually and generally.  Actually, in one of my emails to you I go into what I think happened. ie Sarah listening to everyone telling her she needs to show her concern for the special needs community and voila, DS baby. She did many events in 09 and 10 for the SN community, some publicized, some not so much. She could be doing more under the radar like she does military events. I only know about all her military support because I have a close friend in Fairbanks who's made the military his lifelong career.

Yes, I'm fully aware fraternal twins can look nothing alike. Most twins I know look nothing alike. I just don't see what you see what you say Tripp looked bigger than his age in 09. I used to be Bristol's facebook friend when she friended everyone under the sun. I've seen her video

of Tripp taking his first steps at some point in 09. (sorry, no idea when.) Judging by the size of him and other pictures at events, I'd say maybe Sept? But that's really just a guess.

And yes, when I wrote that about the bump, I thought about twins being born early, as most twins are. To me, Bristol had a realistic baby bump on Nov 4 08. I also thought the RNC photos showed a realistic bump too. Whether she was padded or wore clothes that distorted her figure at other times, I will never know. Attached is a picture taken either Oct 9 or 10 in 2008. I actually think it was the 9th. This was about 5 days before the Walmart pictures were taken, of her in the gray sweater with more rounded belly. This is what I was referencing when I talked about when she rounded out.

May I point to Gina Loudon, whom people randomly mention since she adopted a DS baby. Her DS son Sammy looks a lot like her youngest biological son, who's a smidge younger than Sammy. Picture attached.”

Here is the picture of Bristol to which she referred. Does anyone know the identity of the woman in the picture with Bristol?

oct10 08

Even though Bristol did appear pregnant in the fall of 2008 that doesn’t prove she really was. She could have been wearing a good empathy belly which is weighted and would make the wearer have a sway back.

Finally, why does she bring up Gina Loudon? Here is the picture she sent of Gina Loudon’s sons.


This picture doesn’t look like one that would be made public and a google search for Sammy Loudon didn’t bring up this picture.

Which makes me wonder could Gina Loudon be the woman emailing me? Here is a shot from the neck down of the woman who emailed me and next to it is a picture of  Gina Loudon. I know it’s not much and certainly not conclusive but the left arms visible in both pictures do show some similarities.

11 weeksloudonheadshot3


Please feel free to comment on what you make of these emailed comments and what you see in these photos.

As always feel free to email me with anything you find interesting or want to discuss.


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