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Could Trigg and Tripp Be Fraternal Twins?



I think Trig and Tripp being fraternal twins would explain a lot of things that are puzzling.

Both boys have seemed large for their reported age(s) at times.

Trig most notably during the RNC in 2008 when he would have been about four and a half months old. In this picture he looks very alert and quite large for a child who was reportedly born prematurely and with Down Syndrome. He also appears large in Bristol’s arms.

Trig: Fall 2008


Here are a couple of pictures of Tripp in which he appears large for his given age. In the first picture he was supposedly no more than seven weeks old. In the second picture from the Matt Lauer interview on May15, I believe (correct me if I am wrong), he was not quite five months old if the December 27, 2008 birthdate is correct. He appears to be very long for a baby of that age.

Please email me with any links to other pictures where Trig or Tripp appear to be older than their given ages.



If Trig and Tripp are fraternal twins then the “Trig was Tripp before he was Trig” or vice-versa might mean that when Sarah appropriated the Down Syndrome twin to be hers they switched names.

It could also explain the reports of an older Tripp by Tank Jones.

Of course, Tripp is now bigger than Trig since the Down Syndrome affects Trig’s growth.

Thoughts on this theory?

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Please email me any pictures or links to pictures where Trig or Tripp appear older than their given ages.

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