Saturday, February 2, 2013


This is a time of change in my life and changes  will be coming to this blog, too. There has been too much negativity in the comments recently and I freely admit that a lot of it has been my fault. I know that I have requested help frequently which angered some readers but I have never lied about the problems that we have and still are having.

I posted about the troubles we were and still are having here out of desperation. All I really wanted was for people to purhase pens. I didn't want donations but when they were sent I took them because they offered a quick solution.

I will no longer request help here but I do ask that readers keep in mind that my hubby and I do suffer from health problems that place a financial hardship on us and we will be dealing with them for the rest of our lives. The hubby's handcrafted ink pens tab at the top of the page links to our pen site. Hubby and I would be very grateful if visitors would consider purchasing pens occasionally. If anyone wants to know how hubby and I are doing, please email me. My email address is at the bottom of every post.

My son and his family left yesterday and got back to Texas this morning. Hubby and I miss them very much but I have more free time now so I will be focusing this blog on the Palins again. My gall bladder surgery has been scheduled for February 13th so there will be a break in new posts at that time.

Any questions, suggestions, etc., please email me.


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