Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guest Post by Shailey Tripp


The one year anniversary of the publication of Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, & The Cover-up of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal is almost here. It is hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly.
In the past year my life has experienced a series of ups and downs but they have brought me closer to my family.

There was a lot of speculation about the reason that I had to end my blog last year. The truth is a potential employer asked me to do so in order to be considered for an opportunity. That employer was the National Guard and the Army. However, I was not able to meet the physical requirements quickly enough and then when my birthday passed I became too old.  I am not sorry I tried, though. It gave me a reason to get in shape, lose weight and focus on something positive for myself as well as my family. I was also happy to take a break from the drama, the hustle and bustle of the Palin world and the carnage that comes as a result.
I am rested now and wanted to check in and reassure my supporters that I am still fighting the fight to expose the Palins and their involvement with prostitution. I am also helping by being an advocate, raising awareness of prostitution and what it means in terms of economics, family, self esteem, and it's impact on society. Between last summer and the end of January, 2013, I have been an invited guest at academic institutions to give talks about my book, Boys Will Be Boys, and about the impact of the events in that book on my own life. I also spoke about the subject at a church and a domestic violence seminar.
These speaking engagements encourage me and make me feel more grounded. They also give me hope that the existence of my book and it's contents are slowly getting out in the world in general. Perhaps coming into the broader world through academia is better than coming in through the media. There is talk locally (where I live), that my book may become a part of modern women's issues and studies by a local university. That would be a great accomplishment if it happens.
On a personal note, I am still struggling a great deal financially but we are all healthy and just keep moving forward day by day. I would like to take the next few days and invite all of you to ask any questions you may have in the comments section here. I will try to answer them as best I can. If Blade permits I may even start doing a post every two weeks, offering a little bit more information and talk about events that have been happening in the background.
Best Regards!

Shailey Tripp


I want to thank Shailey for her contribution. I know that many readers are still interested in Shailey’s story and I thought everyone would appreciate hearing from her.

If you have questions for Shailey, you may ask them in the comments. Depending on the number and the nature of the questions, Shailey will either answer them in the comments section or write another post addressing them.

I hope everyone enjoyed her post.



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