Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Guest Post By Shailey Tripp


In honor of the anniversary of the publication of Boys Will Be Boys, Shailey consented to do another post.




March 4, 2013 marked the one year anniversary of the publication of Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Cover-up of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal.

Considering the following events that also occurred on or around March 4, could that date have some significance to the Palin clan?

The week of March 4, 2008:  Sarah Palin had to tell her secret of “being pregnant”. Also, during that week Shailey Tripp gave Governor Palin a massage and Todd Palin gave Shailey the license plate personalized with her last name, "Tripp".

March 4, 2010  was the date that Shailey Tripp was arrested for allegedly running a house of prostitution.

March 4, 2012 the date Boys Will Be Boys was finally published and became available for sale to the public.

This past year has been very busy for me. In addition to trying to join the military and giving talks about the negative consequences of prostitution, I gave statements to the Secret Service about my encounter with David Chaney. Mr. Chaney was the agent assigned to protect Sarah Palin while she was running for Vice-President during the fall of 2008. While in Alaska that fall, Todd sent Agent Chaney to me for sexual services. P.I. Ed Opperman verified those facts and passed the information along to the correct authorities.

In the year that my book has been on the market, I have heard nothing from any person, business or organization to refute, dispute or denounce my book and the information contained within.  Even stranger is the total silence from the Palins.

Professor Brad Scharlott, who wrote an academic paper about the possibility that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig has been bullied and received letters from the Palin family attorney. The Christy family is currently dealing with court proceedings with the Palins related to stalking charges, yet I have heard nothing from them.

A copy of my book was mailed to all Alaska members of Congress, all the city officials of Wasilla, Alaska and Palmer,Alaska, the Anchorage, Alaska Police Department, the Alaska State Police, the White House and to each person mentioned by name in my book. Yet still utter silence.

I realize that many people probably think that I am being vengeful and wonder why I have not just moved on with my life. In answer to that I have moved on with my life. I now let this part of my life occupy only a very small part of my mind but I will not let it go completely. My story is important. Hopefully, knowing what happened to me will encourage others to change their lives or prevent them from entering a life of prostitution. What happened to me is important because it may help change laws and protect men, women and children from the awful realities of life in the sex industry. My story is also important because of the person responsible for introducing me to life in the sex trade.

Todd Palin, a man with power, seduced me. He made false promises to me, groomed me and put me into a life of prostitution. The man who showed me how to prostitute myself out was the husband of the Governor of Alaska and he, himself was a major player in Alaska politics. It has been shown through emails and other evidence that he was advising his wife about political matters and acting as a shadow governor. If the 2008 Presidential election had turned out differently, Sarah Palin would have been Vice-President and her husband would likely have been advising her on matters of national importance; issues important to all of us. The truth about Todd Palin's character is important because there is always the possibility that Sarah Palin might seek national political office again with Todd at her side, influencing her.

Powerful people such as the Palins coerce police and other officials to look away from their wrongdoings. That isn't right. The police and other agencies need to do their jobs; not succumb to bribery or coercion. it is important that people are protected; especially people who are victims in sexual crimes. Corrupt people such as the Palins need to be exposed which is another reason that my experiences are important. Now that I give talks, I see how crucial it is that the information in my book becomes public knowledge and resounds all over the world.

I know a lot of you are wondering what is going on now. Stay tuned and I will share a little bit more soon. Together we can begin to examine information never before shared and maybe we can solve these crimes, bring attention to these actions and in doing so finally find justice.


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