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Shailey Tripp Addresses The License Plate Issue and Other Questions *UPDATE*


I have reported the threats made against Shailey to the FBI. I was uncomfortable ignoring the remarks so I sent an email to them with the comment that was made and the person’s IP address. Whether they will do anything, who knows?

I went through through the comments left in reply to Shailey’s most recent guest post and asked her to address some issues that were brought up.

The questions I asked and her replies follow.

Explain the contradiction about the license plate being given to you by Todd.
In reading through the comments,  in my opinion, some things have been taken out of context, over analyzed, and twisted into something else, making it seem like I am not credible. Up until the point of my book actually being published and available to the public, I was strictly counseled to only speak of things that I can concretely prove. I have lots of things to say, and account for, but I can't prove a lot of it with concrete, black and white evidence. Also, due to my problems with the National Enquirer and through gossip, speculation, and egos my credibility was in question for a long time. However, now that a year has passed, and no one mentioned in my book has challenged what I have said,  and due to Sarah Palin & Todd Palin's inactions, my credibility has been vetted. Also, due to the efforts of Malia Litman, my credibility has gain solidity. So when I wrote my post recently and included the thing about the license plates, I felt it was now in the realm of common knowledge that Todd, indeed had tried to give the plate to me as a present, which I had rejected. When I referred to a theory, what I meant is that Todd was the one who suggested to Bristol or to the family to use Tripp as the name for the child who was born. As for the dates, the reason I am reluctant at anytime to give an exact date is because I did not keep a diary and go home and write to myself "oooh Tod gave me lic. plates today", etc. I did however record dates I saw him in person. I now have those calendars and appointment books in my possession in a safe place. I am pretty sure he tried to give them to me in March. I see someone posted a link and Malia had actually got some kind of confirmation from Alaska's DMV about the date the license plates were issued. Even it the dates that she got are correct, they were still issued way before Tripp was born, way before anyone knew 100% that he was a boy, and I know and Todd Palin knows he originally tried to give them to me as a gift. As for any of the other details I can only make guesses and assumptions and have no way to know if they are correct.

Do you mention the fact that Todd Plain was your pimp when giving talks and does that shock the audience if you do mention Todd?
Yes, I do mention Todd Palin was my pimp when I give talks. The answer is no, no one is shocked when we discuss it. And in fact others share their stories of men in powerful positions who have abused them or taken advantage of them.

Would you be willing to post a complete list of the men Todd Palin asked you to perform services for and their employers if they are state or federal and give it to people researching influence pedaling by the Palins?

Yes, I would be wiling to do that. I have given a list to the FBI, the DA, and other branches of the government. Over 70% of the names on the lists are in fact government and state employees or mining/oil clients.

If you saw pictures of APD and FBI that Todd sent to you would you be able to ID them?

I would be able to ID them, in the sense of yes, I met that person and this was what our interaction was. Whether or not the names are real is questionable as some people did tell me their real names and some did not.

Why are there inconsistencies in your story?
In my opinion, I feel there are little to no inconsistencies in my story. There was a lot I could not share because I was under contract with the National Enquirer, I had legal actions pending, and I had a book coming out. Now that so much time has passed and I am suing the Enquirer, suing the Palins, and my book is has been on the market for over a year, I do not feel I have to hold back in the same way. Perhaps part of what is perceived as inconsistencies was my reluctance to share too much as the things mentioned above prevented me from doing so. Also, I remember some things now that I didn't remember back then. It was a confusing, stressful time and my work as a prostitute for Todd Palin was not the focus of my life. It was the background of my life and survival for me. My focus was my kids, and my daily needs, and I was so emotionally overwhelmed and sleep deprived from worrying about those issues that the details and importance of what was going on with Todd Palin didn't occur to me until the media started hounding me. Had the media never approached me, I would have never spoke up, and none of this would be public knowledge to this day.

Shailey Tripp

I want to thank Shailey for taking the time to respond to these questions and I hope that she will continue to contribute to this blog.

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Anonymous said...

It sure is interesting that the same people who use the term "Palin apologist" are the ones who either ignore their own party's proven lies and embarrassing statements an interviews, or they freakishly make excuses for their chosen candidates, apologizing for them.

You all ignored Obama when he recently made that US canada comment. You know in your brains that if anyone else had said that, or had stumbled through that interview the way he did, they'd be ridiculed for YEARS - by you.

It's necessary to point all this out because of people's inability to step away from a situation to gain perspective.