Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Will Be Back…


I apologize for the prolonged absence and the lack of new posts. Hubby and I are still going through a rough patch financially and medically so I haven’t been physically up to the challenge of writing. The stress of trying to find ways to get to medical appointments, the pharmacy, etc. is overwhelming.

Our house, car and lawn mower need repairs. Hubby worked on the mower, thought it was fixed and began mowing the lawn only to have it mess up before he could finish the backyard.

It terrifies me having our grass get too high because rattlesnakes are bad where we live. A neighbor was bitten by one and nearly died a couple of years ago and one struck at hubby just last week. Luckily, hubby has to wear leg braces so he wasn’t bitten.

Until things settle down, this blog is on hiatus but it’s not going away permanently. Hopefully, in a week or two I will be able to do a new post.





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