Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Heat Goes On…


Please help.

Yes, this time I am begging.

A few days ago our heat/air system failed completely. Some of you may remember that we have had problems with it before due to cats pulling the ductwork down. A friend went under the house and patched things up and it had been working okay. Thursday morning, I turned the air on when I got up. We turn it off when we go to bed and use a fan at night to save on the electric bill. The digital thermostat read 80 degrees at the time I turned it on.

After a couple of hours, I noticed it didn’t feel like the air was getting any cooler. I looked at the thermostat again and it was 86. I told hubby that something was wrong and he changed the air filter. The temperature continued to climb so hubby went outside and the fan wasn’t turning. Sometimes, leaves or other debris can get in the housing and stop the fan so he checked but there wasn’t anything in there. He got a hoe from the shed and used the handle to turn the fan and it kept running but the air coming out of the floor registers wasn’t cool and the fan soon quit again.

We called the local heat/air company to see if they could come out and give us an estimate on repair cost but they no longer offer free estimates. They charge $95 per hour but they knock the cost of the estimate off the repair bill when you get it fixed.

Even with the windows raised and using fans, it has gotten up to 92 degrees or more in the house every day since the air quit working. The outside temperature has only been in the low 80’s but it’s supposed to get hotter this coming week. At night the inside temperature only drops to around 86.

We could get by with fans but hubby still has the open wound on his chest and him constantly sweating is causing more problems. The special dressings they are using to try to heal the wound keep coming loose and hubby’s insurance only covers a certain amount of dressings per month. We have tried taping them back on but the tape won’t hold either. The sweat is also irritating hubby’s skin and on Friday the doctor said it looked like another place was trying to form. He said that hubby needs to stay cool and dry to heal properly.

I am also concerned that being so hot might cause hubby to have another heart attack.

If anyone can help by purchasing pens we would be so grateful.


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