Monday, June 24, 2013

Please Help…


For more details, please see previous post.

We need to raise at least $95 quickly so that we can get an estimate of the cost to repair our heat and air conditioning system. Once we know how much we need, we will try to get a title loan on our car to pay for the repairs.

We really hate to do that but the temperature in our house is unbearable. Our bedroom didn’t get under 90 degrees last night and we haven’t slept well for the past two nights. I am writing this at 6am and it is 87 degrees in our living room. We have three fans going and windows open but nothing cools it down in here.

I have had a headache for three days now and have broken out in an itchy heat rash. Hubby’s wound dressings will not stay in place. We have been eating nothing but sandwiches which isn’t good for hubby’s diabetes but it’s too hot to cook.

I am truly scared that one or both of us is going to get really sick, It’s supposed to get progressively hotter for the next three or four days. Our living room stayed at 96 degrees most of the day yesterday and with warmer outside temps today, I hate to see how high it will climb.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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