Saturday, July 13, 2013

If Not For The Wads…


This picture that was taken in the fall of 2008, (October, I believe) has always perplexed me.



Bristol should have been about 7 months pregnant at the time but if not for the wads of what look like rags or paper towels, sticking out of the pockets of her sweatshirt, how big would her belly really be? Her legs seem quite slender and her face hasn’t got the roundness common in pregnancy.

The garment appears to be quite loose and her bust seems smaller in comparison to what we saw in the picture below taken at the RNC in either late August or early September.


I have always suspected that Bristol was not pregnant in late 2008 and the pictures of her in the O.S.U. shirt look to me like someone half-heartedly attempting to appear pregnant.

My opinion is that Bristol was likely forced to fake the fall 2008 pregnancy and followed Sarah’s poor example from the previous spring.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts and if anyone comes across other pictures that don’t jive with Bristol’s being pregnant in the September to December 2008 time period, please email the links to me.


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