Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Update: Was able to visit hubby today. His bypass was postponed until tomorrow because they had to put an emergency patient ahead of him. We will be heading back to the hospital early tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the help,  prayers, good thoughts, etc. It is greatly appreciated.


My son and his family arrived safely about 9am this morning but we still have a small problem. His truck doesn't have enough gas to get to the hospital which is about 40 miles. It took everything for them to get here. Hubby's surgery is scheduled for 7am and I really want to see him before that. We talk on the phone and I can tell that he feels alone. I want him in a positive frame of my mind when he goes to the O.R. If anyone is planning on buying a pen and is able to do it now, it would mean so much to me.



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