Friday, December 21, 2012

A Few Things...

Update: You know it's really, really easy to tell someone to sell their home and move. Only one problem; to sell a home there has to be someone who wants to buy the home. I have said more than once that the housing market here is abyssmal and that is the absolute truth. I wish that it were possible to just take people's advice and turn my life around but the facts are that it just isn't that easy.

No one forces anyone to read one word that I write, yet some come here for no other apparent reason than to sit in judgement of me and make rude remarks about me. At a time when I am worried sick about my husband, why do some of you feel the need to do that?

I haven't been able to visit my husband since Thursday. I miss him so much and I am very worried. He wasn't feeling very good when I spoke to him on the phone and he was in a lot of pain. He only talked for a little while and that isn't like him. I know he misses me and feels neglected but I only have a little gas money left and I am saving that so we can visit him on Christmas Day. He could get a day pass to come home on Christmas but we can't afford to do that. I am just grateful that I will at least be able to visit him at the hospital.

To those who will feel the need to leave hurtful remarks in reply to this, go right ahead. You must be very sad and lonely yourself if it makes you feel better to insult me.


To anyone who doesn't like what I am currently writing about, the solution is quite simple. There is an "x" in the upper righthand corner of this page. I suggest that you use it.

Now, to answer some questions and clear up some things. I live in a rural area but there are towns, but no major cities, located about 15 miles away. They have Wal-mart and they also have social services. I have never said that we didn't have a department of social services. What I said is that there are no funds available to help with our situation at this time. There also aren't any Salvation Army or Goodwill stores. Someone asked didn't my husband have underwear. Well, yes, he does but what he has is briefs and the rehab facility requested that he wear boxers so that his movement isn't constricted.

I wish all of the problems that we have had recently were all lies. Unfortunately for us, they aren't. I hope no one here, no matter how rude, ever has to go through the experiences we have had over the past year. I hope that no one ever finds themself with no money, a spouse hospitalized in an ICU 40 miles away and no way to visit them. I thank those here with generous hearts and souls who helped me out.

I wish that we didn't still have financial needs but driving back and forth to the hospital isn't cheap and both our vehicle and my son's use a lot of gas. I talked to the hospital social worker yesterday while hubby was having physical therapy and they couldn't help and didn't know of any agencies that could. I don't know when we will be able to visit hubby again. The doctor came in yesterday while we were in hubby's room and he said that hubby won't be released before Christmas. He said that hubby can go home on day passes Saturday, Sunday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but he will have to be back at the cardiac rehab unit by 8pm each night. I would love to be able to bring hubby home for those days but there is just no money for that. I am hoping that we can at least do that on Christmas Day. I have a nuclear stress test scheduled for December 27th so I have to keep money for that. My appointment is near the hospital where hubby is so I will be able to visit him that day, too. I am waiting to get an appointment with a surgeon to talk about having my gallbladde removed so that will be another travel expense. I feel like I am buried under all of these expenses.

I know this angers some people and to them, I say reread the first paragraph of this post. To anyone who may be interested, we still have some pens available.


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