Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Reader’s Question and My Reply…


In the comments to my previous post a reader asked this question.

guest wrote:

I don't get it. What exactly is the point?
I've yet to hear WHY this is important, or analysis/theory of what this means.
So what if this baby was born some other date/year? What if he IS older? WHY is it important?

I decided to respond with this post so that everyone can weigh in on why this is important. 

My reply to guest’s question:

If Tripp is older than stated then he is not proof that Bristol couldn't have given birth to Trig in April of 2008. Personally, I think Trig was born earlier than that but since that is the story if it can be proved that Tripp wasn't born in the relevant time frame then that blows their "Bristol can't be Trig's mom because she was pregnant with Tripp when Trig was born story" out of the water. Also, if Tripp wasn't born when they said that would prove that the Palins tell lies about when children in the family are born which begs the questions "Why would they lie about a child's birth date? What legitimate reason could they have for fabricating a birth date for a child? "

Those are a couple of things that come to my mind. I'm sure my very savvy  readers can think of other reasons that Tripp's true age/ date of birth are important.

Everyone, please share your thoughts with our curious guest.



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