Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TRU TV Website Has An Article About Sarah Palin Conspiracies And Babygate Is Mentioned


I had planned to post this when I first came across this article at the  TRU TV website but other posts took precedence.

TRU TV runs down the 10 biggest Sarah Palin conspiracies and their opinions of them. Babygate is mentioned and their final comment about it is:

“Despite claiming to have publicly released the baby's birth certificate, no record of her doing so exists — and unlike the Obama birth certificate story, she actually hasn't proven when, where and to whom Trig Palin was born.”

Read the whole story here:


Has this article been mentioned before? I don’t recall reading anything about it on other blogs.

To my surprise, there were no comments even by the palinbots on this subject so I left one. Perhaps everyone who reads this should leave a comment there. Maybe that would draw attention to babygate and inspire some reporter looking to make a name for his or her self to do some serious investigating.


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1 comment:

Nyah said...

This is interesting, Blade- I went to read the article and it still said "0 comments".

If you commented, where was your post?

The way the article couches the "conspiracies" is very strange. They remark a plastic surgeon "blogged that she was 'mostly' just wearing padded bras" in reference to the Bloomin Belmonts. How on earth does one "mostly" not have plastic surgery but sometimes apparently does?

They also quote APD's statement saying there wasn't a "scintilla" of evidence tying Todd to Shailey. If they were seriously trying to list the most bombshell "conspiracies", why not mention the APD admitted the 'press release' came from the Palins' legal counsel?

Something seems off about this to me.