Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Woodworking Items And A Little News


I got the x-ray reports today. Nothing noted in my pelvis or hips but I have arthritis in my lower spine. I am so thankful that my pain isn’t due to cancer.

I am still worried about the return trip to the oncology clinic Monday but I am trying to stay positive.

Several reader have expressed interest in seeing pictures of my husband’s woodwork items.

All items are primitive style so they have some flaws which may include small dents, chips, cracks, knotholes or other imperfections. This is by design.

All items are unfinished with the exception of the Shaker Peg Shelf which is painted in a cream color.

All items are made of pine.

Please email if you would like measurements of any items or if you would like something custom built.



1. Gun rack that holds one gun.         2. Window pane style shelf with three shelves 


3. Shaker Peg Shelf – Cream with 3 pegs. The top has a groove to display plates.


4. Holder for paper towels with room to sit items on each side – upright view and view from the bottom.


5. Plate display shelf – upright view and plate groove view.


Slope sided shelf. May be used freestanding on counter or tabletop or hung on a wall.

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