Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Am In Big Trouble and Need Help UPDATE # 2


I contacted the business where I used the gift certificate this morning. The overdraft did go through but they agreed to return the money. The bank won't waive the overdraft fee, though. I just hope the business completes the return soon because the money has to be refunded to paypal and then I have to transfer it back to our bank account. If the money isn't back in our bank account before Friday when hubby's pension is deposited the bank will take what they are due which will cause more overdrafts. I hate greedy banks but there is only one bank in town so we didn't have a choice. Any purchases will be greatly appreciated and please keep sharing the pen site and our facebook page. Big thanks to everyone who has purchased or donated in the past.



I will be on the phone in the morning trying to straighten this mess out. Please pray that I will get the money needed or can get the businesses involved to work with me to resolve the issue. If the problem can’t be corrected, it will be a disaster for us.

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I am in big trouble and need to raise $500.00 very quickly. If you or anyone you know is looking to buy unique gifts for Christmas or other occasions, please consider our pens.


I think I am either a bad luck magnet or someone has put a hex on me(only half-joking).

The problem began when I was using a gift certificate on a woodworking equipment website. My husband's birthday is a week from today and our son emailed a gift certificate to me to use to buy hubby new penmaking equipment.

Our son is a penmaker, too, but on a much larger scale than hubby. His pens are sold in stores. He places so many orders for penmaking stuff that he earns rewards and he had accumulated reward points worth over $500.00. He used his points to order a $500 gift certificate and emailed it to me so I could order a new lathe for hubby.

I started the order but when the shipping charge was added the total was $504.89. I thought I was going to have to cancel but then I remembered that I had $5.00 in my paypal account that I could use to pay the difference. I placed the order using my paypal debit card to pay the $4.89 but there was a glitch and I got an error code. I tried again and experienced the glitch again. I tried a third time and still got the error code. By this time, I figured that the order wasn't going to be accepted and I looked for an email address so I could notify the website about the problem.

I found a report a problem form and began filling in the information. There was a place to enter error code received but I couldn't remember the code so I hit the back arrow to look for it. When I hit "back" I was returned to the place your order page. I had been getting the error code when I hit the submit order button so I hit it again. This time the order went through and I thought everything was okay. Then I noticed the whole order had been charged to my paypal debit card.

My paypal debit card is linked to our bank account which has a balance of less than a dollar. I called paypal and told them about the problem but the order is pending until Monday and I can't dispute the charge until the order is complete. The problem is since I only have $5.00 in my paypal account, paypal will try to pull almost $500.00 from our bank account. This will cause an automatic overdraft on our bank account and we will owe the bank the amount of the overdraft plus an overdraft fee.

Hubby's pension is direct deposited to our bank account so the bank will pull the money they are owed when the next deposit is received. We have our household bills on autopay so when our bank account doesn't have enough money to pay the bills overdraft will kick in again. I don't know how we'll ever get out of this vicious cycle if it starts. The only way to avoid this is to get the $500 in paypal before Monday morning so paypal doesn't try to take funds from our bank account.

I called the bank's 800 number and spoke with a rep but she said the process is automated and there's no way to cancel it now. I tried to call the woodworking site that I placed the order with to see if I can cancel but they are closed till 9 am central time Monday and by then it will be too late. I haven't told hubby about this yet because he will worry himself sick.

I don't like begging but selling pens is the only way I know to get out of this mess. Our son would give us the money but he has been in financial trouble due to being defrauded by a stock transfer agent and he had to hire a lawyer to try to get back the stock the agents say they can't find. Please buy a pen if you can or suggest our pens to others. Thanks again...


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Nyah said...

Call your bank's 800# and report your debit card lost or stolen. They will automatically put a freeze on any transactions.

As for the's nice that you want to do that for your husband, but since you so often seem to be in such dire financial straits, why don't you order him $50 worth of supplies and take the remaining $450 gift card and sell it on one of these card swap places for $375 in CASH. Then you would have some money saved for gas and things.