Saturday, October 6, 2012

Any Suggestions? We Are Really Desperate


I posted the following yesterday while I was on hold, waiting to speak with a counselor at a local agency about getting help to have our car repaired and I accidentally posted it as an update to a previous post instead of new. I am going to repost as new because we really need any suggestions that might help us out. The counselor I spoke with was very nice but their organization just doesn’t have the funds.

I can’t understand why the person who hit our car didn’t leave a note. Hubby and I both thought that our insurance would cover the damage. We have been with the  company that has the vanishing deductible for over 10 years and haven’t had any accidents which we are at fault. We thought our $500.00 deductible would have disappeared by the way the ads on television describe the feature but it turns out that feature is optional and it didn’t exist when we took out our policy so we still have the $500.00 deductible and can only file a claim for the difference if the repairs cost over $500.00. Of course, we don’t have the $500.00 so we can’t have the car fixed.

I am ashamed at having to post requests for advice and help but I just don’t know where else to turn. We have no relatives nearby. Our son and his family live in Texas and would help us in a heartbeat if they could but they are in financial trouble, too, at this time.Our neighbors are great but have no extra money and they work during the week so they can’t help with transportation to our appointments. The neighbor who is a mechanic would be doing the work for us free to save us the labor cost.

Here is what I posted  low. The one organization that helps with car repairs refused us as I explain below.

I have been trying all week to find an organization that will help us get our car back  on the road. Our neighbor will do the work but we have to get the part which cost $312.00 new. We have raised $45.00. Our mechanic neighbor tried to find us the part through a network of salvage yards. He was only able to find one. It is in California. The price of the used part is $225.00 but we have to pay shipping. The part is over-sized because it's a body part that wraps all the way around the front end of the car. The shipping cost is $70.00 making the total price 295.00. Our neighbor said that since we would only be saving $17.00 if we bought the used part  it wouldn't be wise because the part is sold as is and if there is anything wrong with it, we wouldn't be able to get our money back if we are able to come up with enough money to buy it.

What really irks me is that our car runs fine but we can't drive it because the likelihood of the part falling off in the road is dangerous. Our safety inspection is due and it won't pass until this is fixed.

I thought I had found an organization to help with repairs but then we found out they only help with mechanical repairs, not body damage. They consider such damage to be cosmetic but in our case it's a safety issue. I asked if they could make an exception but they refused.

I hate to keep hawking hubby's pens but selling them is the only way we have to raise extra money. We have nothing left each month after we pay our bills.

Hubby and I both have medical appointments almost every week until the end of the month. Next Wednesday hubby and I both have an appt. with our primary doctors. I can't miss my appt. because since I am on Coumadin I have to have my INR checked monthly. Thursday, hubby has an appt. with another ophthalmologist  Hubby's vision has improved but is still not as good as it should be so his local ophthalmologist set up an appointment with a specialist in Fayetteville, about 35 miles from our house. There is a new medicine that sometimes helps the type of problem hubby has and this Dr. wants to to examine hubby to see if he is a candidate for the drug.
The week after next I have to see my kidney doctor. I went in July and I usually go every 6 months but my blood tests were way off in July so I have to go for a recheck. Hubby has an appointment with a podiatric surgeon who is treating him for da foot ulcer.

These aren't appointments we can postpone but we have no way to get to them. The neighbors have to work. We don't even a taxi service in our little town and for some reason, the taxi company in the nearest larger town about 13 miles away in the next county will not serve our area.

Then, November 8th, I have an appointment with my oncologist. That's 240 miles round trip. My primary doctor asked my oncologist to have me come in earlier than usual because I have been losing a lot of weight. I have lost over 50 pounds since May and my primary doctor is worried about that.

I hate to write about this stuff but everything is hitting us at once. Please consider buying a pen, recommending them to others or just make suggestions as to how we might be able to get assistance. Any kind of help at all is truly appreciated.

We have more pens than shown so if there is a special color or style that you would like, just email me or post it here. We might have what you need.



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