Saturday, October 29, 2011

Replying To The Comments On My Last Post *UPDATE*


A couple of commenters suggested that I open an Etsy Shop for hubby’s pens. Thanks for the suggestion. Here is the link to the shop there. I only have one pen on display there but it is a real beauty, especially if you like bright and colorful.

The yola site is still active as well. Thanks for everyone’s support!

Sorry for being absent but I have been busy setting up a website for hubby’s pens. He is trying very hard to make enough money to move us to Texas so my son and daughter-in-law can help care for me. If you are looking for handmade Christmas gifts that are beautiful and functional, please take a look. I am still adding more pens to the site as he now has almost 40 finished ink pens. Thanks for looking and spread the word if you know someone who might be interested.


Rather than go through and address comments individually, I just addressed everything here.

Yes, at the end of the last post, I made a typo.

“Thoughts, please about how those pictures of an older Trig could exist in February 2009. That is what really wows me about this whole thing.”

The typo was caused by my finishing the post around 1am. I meant Tripp, of course.

Several people posted about Tripp being balanced on top of someone’s knees in the first picture and think Tripp is on his back. Here are my thoughts about that picture. I think he is lying on his stomach on top of someone else’s stomach, propping himself up on his arms. I used to put my son on my belly like that a lot when he was a baby. If Tripp is on his back, balanced on someone’s knees, wouldn’t his head be angled back toward the knees of that person? Could those who think he is on his back, please explain how you think he is positioned? I also think his alertness and obvious engagement with his surroundings supports my theory that he is quite a bit older than 7 weeks in that picture.

Some of you are comparing Tripp and “airplane baby”. Truthfully, I don’t see an amazing resemblance but I do see some similarities.

Thanks, SarahLies, for finding that picture with 3 bottles. Very strange, as is the picture of Trig(?) in the chicken costume. With all the adorable Halloween costumes available, why a chicken?

Also, interesting is the comment about the TRIPP license plate being requested in March 2008.

However, I still find this picture of Tripp taken on July 25, 2009 to be the most important piece of the puzzle.


How can the face of this baby, in a picture taken on July 25, 2009, be so similar to the face of the baby in the picture below taken on or before February 15, 2009?


The chubby cheeks, the double chins and the wrinkled brows all look so similar in these two pictures. Do we ignore that Tripp looks a lot older than 7 weeks in the picture above and conclude that his appearance just didn’t change much during the 5 months between February and July of 2009?

This picture, while not from the same angle is from May 2009 and the plump cheeks and round chin do not seem to be present. I also don’t think a baby’s appearance is going to stay nearly the same for over five months. Babies change a lot in that period of time.


So as convoluted as it sounds my theory is that there are identical twin Tripps, that may or may not be part of a set of triplets that includes Trig. One Tripp was very sickly and took some time to catch up with his identical twin.

Why were pictures of the bigger Tripp shown on television? Probably a mix-up. I don’t think the Palins are the most organized people.

So everyone weigh in. Do you think my theory is possible? Why or why not? Also, if you have a theory about Tripp, Tripps, and Trig please share it.

If there’s anything you want to share but don’t want to comment, please email me.


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