Friday, November 23, 2012

Does Charlotte Allen Have A Clue About Who Sarah Palin Really Is And Has She Seen A Recent Picture Of The Woman She Believes Has It All Over Hillary In The Looks Department?

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Well, the election is over and we dodged the bullet this time but time flies and 2016 is just around the bend.
While perusing some of my favorite progressive websites, I was floored when I clicked a link that took me to this piece.
Charlotte Allen thinks that Sarah Palin is good looking, consistent and will appeal to the masses. Has she taken a good look at recent pictures of Caribou Barbie?

This picture of Palin taken in October 2012, shows an aging diva dressed like a slutty teenager. She looks far from presidential, in my opinion.
Allen heaps much praise on Sarah such as she’s ready for the talk show circuit, consistent (yes, you read that right) on the issues and patriotic.
She refers to Palin as someone who doesn’t shop at Neiman Marcus. Who here doesn’t think that La Palin would gladly shop at Neiman Marcus if she could just persuade someone else to pick up the tab?
Hasn’t this Sarah Palin is the new Ronald Reagan shtick been tried before with poor results?
I don’t know whether to laugh at the possibility of Palin running in 2016 or be afraid but I don’t think letting our guard down as far as Sarah Palin is concerned is a good idea.
With so many whack jobs in the GOP these days plus their desperation to find a candidate who appeals to the Evangelical base, I think we need to keep getting the word out that Sarah Palin is a fraud and not fit for any political office much less POTUS.

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