Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kicking Myself In The Head…UPDATE


We’ll be leaving Sunday morning for Winston-Salem. Many thanks to those who donated or purchased pens. Hubby and I are truly grateful for all the advice and support.

I finally convinced Hubby that everything will be okay. He’s a worry-wart about traveling with limited funds because our car hasn’t been running great lately but I have faith that we’ll make it.

I’m not sure if I will be able to get online while we’re gone. My laptop isn’t in the best condition so I may not take it.

If anyone is planning on ordering a pen,orders placed by Saturday morning will be shipped before we leave. Any orders that come in while we’re away, will go out ASAP when we get back home.

Hubby’s pen site: http://www.hubbyshandcraftedinkpens.yolasite.com/

Again, thanks for everything.





I called this morning and scheduled hubby's surgery for next Monday morning. It's at 8am.

The nurse gave me the pre-op instructions for hubby and directions to the hospital. Then she said hubby had to go to the hospital Sunday afternoon to speak with the anesthesiologist, have blood drawn and get a chest x-ray and perhaps an EKG if the anesthesiologist thinks it's necessary. I told her that we had planned on driving up there early Monday morning and asked if he could have the tests that morning and the surgery later but she said diabetic patients are always scheduled first. So now we are looking at another night in Winston-Salem and we only have $302.00. for gas and a hotel or motel.

The lowest priced handicapped accessible room I have been able to find is $280.00 for 4 nights and now we need another night.

Hubby wants to cancel it but I don't want him to. He really needs to have this done.

I'm kicking myself in the head because I should have realized he would have to see the anesthesiologist. I had to when I had outpatient surgery in 2008 to remove melanoma.

I don't know what to do but I just needed to vent. Thanks to everyone for listening, so to speak. I know you all probably get tired of hearing about our woes.

Any suggestions please email. I have tried the Ronald McDonald house already but they are full. Someone suggested asking the Red Cross or Y for help and I will be checking on that. We don’t have either in our county but maybe a neighboring county serves our area. I will try anything.


Hubby’s pen site: http://www.hubbyshandcraftedinkpens.yolasite.com/


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