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Shailey Tripp Interview: Follow-Up


I selected the most relevant and interesting questions from the comments. I also added a few new questions of my own. I hope her responses clarify some of her statements for everyone.

This time my questions are in bold blue and Shailey’s replies are in bold black.


Shailey Tripp Follow-up Interview – February 21- 22


Blade: Why do you dislike Todd?

Shailey: I would think that is self explanatory. I do not like Todd for what he brought into my life and for what he has done to other people’s lives.

At first he is charming and seemingly kind. Kind people do not have you do the things he had me do. Kind men do not exploit women.

I have met a lot of  wonderful, genuine men; he is not one of them. I think he is an abuser and a manipulator. He tells the truth as it fits his life.

Blade: Did Todd have any special requests for or during the sex?

Shailey: No, he was just insistent that he get a massage.

Blade:  Why did you think Sarah was going to confront you?

Shailey: Well, I had been seeing Todd for awhile and other people knew about it. It is a small community and I think you always have that sense of fear that you are going to get caught or confronted. If I were her I would have been confrontational. Sarah is known for being confrontational. I was just scared.

Blade: Did you service any female clients, the way you serviced male clients? Did anyone else in the salon? Did you get any vibes of sexual interest from Sarah when you massaged her, as you did with Todd? Do you think your nervousness could have deterred her from making any requests of that nature?

Shailey: Decline to answer.

Blade: When the news broke at the salon that she had a baby, didn’t the staff or your supervisor remember your massage with her and question you about it? Wouldn’t you have said, no she said she wasn’t pregnant, and wouldn’t that have caused a lot of questions and panic? Wouldn’t everyone immediately start looking for documentation where she states she’s not pregnant, to make sure you all were not personally liable for treating/mistreating a pregnant patient? Did you seek out the advice of a certified prenatal massage therapist to relieve your own mind that you did not harm the fetus during your session? If not, why not?

Shailey: When the news broke that she had a baby, yes, the staff remembered my massage with her. We talked about it with a sense of disbelief, such as "I can't believe she was pregnant. I had no clue."

My massage was not the most remarkable thing to note. I did say I had no idea she was pregnant to the staff.

Documents of high profile clients are carefully stored in a safe place. They are not something any of us could just go and pull out and review at our leisure. I think Ms. Mercier, (owner of AAY spa) was very concerned, very hurt and very shocked.

No, I did not seek the advise of a prenatal massage therapist or an OB/GYN doctor about whether or not I could have harmed a fetus. I did talk to the nurse and doctor I worked for on this matter and they gave me assurance that I didn’t do anything to hurt anyone. Also many massage therapists in the area came to me for training and techniques because people considered me really good. I saw many pregnant women and helped many pregnant women induce labor through massage or Reiki.

Blade: Is there any responsibility of the medical facility (salon) you worked at to report to a patient’s attending physician that medical treatments were given to a pregnant patient in apparent error due to the willful misconduct of the patient? After all, the patient lied about the existence of a fetus. What was your legal/medical responsibility at that point, in the state of Alaska?

Shailey: That is a good question but I am not qualified to answer it.

Blade: Are you stating that from your physical assessment Sarah was definitely not pregnant, or is there still a possibility she could have been? Have you ever massaged a 4 or 5 month pregnant client who did not show physically? Have you ever massaged a woman who recently had an abortion?

Shailey: I am not stating that she was or wasn’t pregnant. I had no reason to believe that she was pregnant when she came in that day for a massage. Looking back,  I do not think I massaged a pregnant woman but I admit that could be wishful thinking on my part. Usually, I am the first person to notify people that they may be pregnant or possibly have cancer. However, I am not perfect so things can escape my attention.

I have massaged women in their first pregnancy that didn't show until their 6th or 7th month. Any women who have had multiple births usually show as early as 3 months. That is because their body has already been stretched out and knows what to do.

I have never massaged a woman who recently had an abortion. That would be a very dangerous and life threatening thing to do.

Blade: You stated “I thought she was pregnant and selfish for the things she did to her body” but then later say “I don’t believe she was pregnant when I gave her the massage.” These are two opposite views. Please explain.

Shailey: The first statement was due to the belief that she must have been pregnant because the news announced that she gave birth to a child.

Later, when I said “I don’t believe she was pregnant when I gave her a massage”, that was in reference to looking back at those events and reviewing things after being asked if I thought she was pregnant.

Blade: Why didn't you expose Todd's cheating and Sarah's not being pregnant much earlier than this; specifically when Sarah was named to the McCain ticket?

Shailey: I had no reason to and I would never want to hurt people on purpose. If I did it would have only been perceived as something mean and no one would have believed me. I just wouldn't have done that. People in my life would have been hurt, too.

Blade: When you first met Todd, were you aware that he was the Governor’s husband?

Shailey: No, not when I first met him. It took me a few months to realize that.

Blade: Just to be clear, was Todd the first client you ever had sexual relations with?

Shailey: In the sense that he was a paying client, yes. I have dated previous clients but I would no longer see them as clients.

Before Todd, I never broke my professionalism in the massage room. Before Todd, I never had sexual contact with a client in the massage room.

Blade: How long after meeting Todd at the school, did he first show up for a massage at the salon you worked at? Did he request you specifically or were you the only masseuse there?

Shailey: About 4 or 5 weeks. I was one of 2 masseuses at the time. As far as I know, he requested me.

Blade: Sarah has stated that her "tight abs" allowed her to hide her pregnancy. As someone who has massaged her abdominal area, do you recall if they were really that tight? Do you remember if Sarah was really slender? Was her abdomen bare when you massaged it? Do you think you would have noticed a pregnancy of at least 19 weeks gestation, which given the stated due date of May 18, 2008, is the number of weeks she would have been pregnant the first week of January and taking into account that you have stated that you believe the massage took place between February and March of 2008? For reference, you can search Google images for pictures of women at various weeks of pregnancy.

Shailey: I am not perfect. I did say I expressed some concerns to her before we parted ways. I have massaged many toned women and athletes. I usually can tell if someone is pregnant at around the 3 month mark. This is because a woman's hips widen, breasts enlarge, and a certain tenderness occurs for women. Also, things like light headedness, headaches and nausea can occur during a massage when a woman is pregnant. These things happen at around 3 months. I did not see her naked. I massaged her through a sheet and I don't remember there being anything to indicate to me that there might have been a baby developing in her. I am not a trained physician and I wasn't her regular massage therapist. I can make mistakes.

Blade: Thanks, Shailey, for taking the time to answer these additional questions and for the original interview.



I think Shailey has done a good job explaining her earlier answers. Please be civil when commenting.




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