Monday, June 28, 2010


The purpose of this blog is to discuss the scandals of Sarah Palin with an emphasis on her possible pretend pregnancy in 2008. This blog is "anything goes" in regard to theories about her possible fake pregnancy, and the reasons for her actions, etc. I do request that hardcore profanity not be used and that all comments be debated in a civil manner.

My mission is to help spread the word that Sarah Palin is not fit to hold political office. Even if she really did give birth to Trig Palin she at best used extremely poor judgement and at worst is either guilty of child endangerment or so power hungry that she will manipulate, deceive and run roughshod over anyone who gets in her way. For any of the above reasons she must be ousted from the political arena.

My first real post will be soming soon so keep checking back and if you like this blog please consider publicizing the link where possible.



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